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Chart Update - Elvis Hits #1 In Sweden

August 16, 2007 | Music
On the Swedish album chart the "Essential Elvis" compilation hit the #1 spot on the album Top 60 after its chartdebut at #2 last week. The "Elvis At The Movies" compilation climbs to #34 from last week's debut at #59.

In Finland the "Essential Elvis" compilation debuts at #40 on the album Top 40 chart.

The "Viva Las Vegas" live compilation containing a previously unreleased concert, recorded at The International Hotel in Las Vegas, August 21, 1969 is at #92 on the Australian album chart.

For the week ending August 11th, 2007 the "Essential Elvis" is still #4 in the French compilation album chart but is now #10 (from #13) in the comprehensive album chart.
ta2k wrote on August 16, 2007
Viva Las Sweden ! TCB
byebye wrote on August 16, 2007
Yeah, and also in Sweden´s biggest newspaper "Aftonbladet" all readers were given the opportunity to wote for the question "Is Elvis the greatest rock´n roll star ever in history?" Guess who won with 73% ?! The result was so overwhelming that they had to ask the question again but with other artists as an option, so this time it went "Who is the greatest rock star ever?" People could vote for Sinatra, Aretha F, Dylan, Lennon, Marley, M Jackson etc... Elvis still came first with 51% of all votes, and Lennon came second with 8%. I guess that sums it all up... -Swede´s love Elvis!
byebye wrote on August 16, 2007
Ps: Actually the second question was "Who is the greatest ever of all times?" Wich explains why "non" rock options was included....