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Suzanna Leigh "Banned" From Sirius Radio?

August 08, 2007 | People
Suzanna Leigh, who co-starred with Elvis in "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" appears to have been "banned" from appearing on the Sirius Radio channel ‘Elvis Radio’.

Suzanna, who had appeared on the George Klein show recently was invited back on the show at the weekend, but on arrival, was told that she has been banned from all future Sirius shows. It is alleged that the banning order came from “up on high”.

Rumours are that the lords of the manner were not happy that her event “A Night of a Thousand Stars” which is not EPE run was getting too much publicity.

The Elvis Express has contacted Suzanna Leigh and EPE for a response. A spokesman for Suzanna confirmed that she has indeed been banned from appearing on Elvis Radio but there is no response from EPE yet.
Source:The Elvis Express
Jerome wrote on August 08, 2007
EPE: "So High, you can't get over it, So Wide, you can't get round of it, So Low.."
Elvisnites wrote on August 08, 2007
That is just wrong. The women cares enough to host this event to honor him and she gets slapped in the face. I heard her on the GK show and enjoyed listening to her stories. Who ownes Sirius anyway? I didn't think it was owned by EPE. I could be wrong. I usually am...
Elvisguitarman wrote on August 08, 2007
Sounds like EPE is miffed they didn't think of it and cannot capitalize (financially) from it. I guess EPE wants every nickel & dime from the fans during EP Week... which most fans have given them.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 08, 2007
Why are you surprised? they dont mind having costumes for people to ridicule,i cant believe the items they give the ok for,there in business for one reason and of course thats money, please dont try to convince me they rsspectful of Elvis or his fans! there are many more thought on this from me but i assure you they would not be printable!
snyper wrote on August 08, 2007
HA HA!!! I'ts about time they shut that has been up. I was so tired of her showing up, telling the same boring stories. She is so attention starved she feels she can hop on the Elvis bandwagon. Good riddance! Now...get rid of Terry Mike Jeffrey !
EinVegas wrote on August 09, 2007
I agree...Glad someone shut her up. She's makes me not want to watch Paradise Hawaiian Style. On a personal note...I met Suzanna Leigh about 2 years ago at Elvis Week. I took along a picture disc record with a promo photo of her, Elvis and other cast members. I asked her to sign the record (which she never has saw before). She gave me a bunch of grief about it and THEN asked me if she could HAVE IT. I told her No and walked away when I heard her tell someone "Stupid Kid..He didn't give me that record". Here's a spin on an old phrase...If life was fair..Suzanna Leigh would be dead and Elvis would be alive :)
Paul Reno wrote on August 09, 2007
I saw Suzanna on a BBC programme years ago, and she only had the greatest of respect for Elvis, and told her stories of working with him, with fondness. She can be enthusiastic (loud) but if she is telling positive stories about the man, she can't be all bad.
phurren2006 wrote on August 09, 2007
Hey snyper, what's wrong with Terry Mike Jeffrey?
Mystery Rider wrote on August 09, 2007
They should Ban George (UT Party) from the radio. Just another Hanger on making money on elvis' name.
snyper wrote on August 09, 2007
Why ban Terry Mike Jeffrey? Where do I start. He like Suzanna Leigh is always dropping by the station to promote some stupid Elvis tribute show or showing up to the Elvis Quiz show to play(sometimes multiple times in a row). He is always on these Elvis cruises or a Elvis week dinner or something like that. He's just another user of Elvis' memory for his own gain. AND.... by the way,the music stinks!!!............THAT'S WHY.
phurren2006 wrote on August 09, 2007
Personally I have to disagree on TMJ. He's got a great voice and I'd describe him as an Elvis interpreter as opposed to an impersonator (thankfully). I've seen him perform many times, included with the TCB Band a few times and he's great (not as good as Elvis, of course) but good nonetheless.
tigerpawl wrote on August 09, 2007
Its going to get worse since Sillerman has taken over. Only SIllerman will be able to get the almighty Elvis dollar. Ms. Leigh is a sweet lady and should not be treated this way she is only trying to promote Elvis legacy but no one other than EPE can have anything to do with ELvis.
japio wrote on August 09, 2007
I know that PHS is not his best movie. But why that hate against people from these period. She´s a small part of his movie career. And look first at yourself. Everbody´s complain and that are the real Fans. While a lot never had a link with Elvis. All that's negative sounds here makes me sick. Just like all the impersonators or something stupid guys who think he sounds like Elvis, so called Elvis fans with their negative talk. Elvis once song Walk a mile in my shoes. Listen to it and you know what i mean .So accept it and let tell her story
Mystery Rider wrote on August 12, 2007
Yes it's a Carnival step right up throw the ball and Hit Georgie Klein in the nose and knock him off the air. Georgie stories make me stick i like Suzanna, However Elvis is Now a Puppet and Sillerman pulls all the strings. Yep this way to Carney town.
ext_mnx wrote on August 20, 2007
Yes Mystery Rider, Elvis Presley only was the target of the envy in my country. This country talked and wrote in an brutal and terrifying way in the magazines, newspapers and authors like Juan Villoro, as a merchandise puppet for Jaime Almeida. And for Susana Moscatel Elvis Presley was a promiscuous and wrote at end that thanks of God Two of the beatles did not die by the cancer
Dixieland Rock wrote on August 22, 2007
Because of their arrogance here & being so out of touch, I don't won't to purchase anything from EPE & I have no desire to subscribing to Sirius Radio. Let me remind them, they aren't God.