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Tiger Man – An Alternate Anthology

By ElvisNews.com / Kees, August 03, 2007 | Music
Volume 7 in this series ... anything new under the sun?


Like all Tiger Man releases before, this one comes with an original picture and a design that matches the line of the series. The liner notes are short, promise unreleased material, but reading closely they read “unreleased in this quality on CD”.


The silver disc is filled with 26 rare, live or alternate takes and performances; all taken from previously released official and unofficial releases. O.k. the producers of this series are bootleggers ripping off both BMG and other bootleggers, probably not making too many friends there, but they probably make some fans happy who can easily collect some nice tracks for their collection.

Just like the previous volumes, this compilation is a nice mixed bag containing a lot of listening pleasure. The tracks I enjoyed most were the undubbed “Change Of Habit”, “That’s All Right” from August 11, 1970, the undubbed “Snowbird”, “What Now My Love” from January 1973, “I Got A Thing About You” from “This Is Elvis” and “Promised Land” (take 5). The cherry on the pudding was the live version of “What’ d I Say” from August 23, 1969, that really rocked. With the new singles coming out in the U.K. this month, I wonder why a performance like this isn’t released as a single; this rocker could take on any of today’s popular tunes for a battle for the #1 spot.


Nothing new under the sun, but again a different sounding compilation through the use of alternate versions (pay attention BMG!) with “something for everybody”.

Track listing:

1. Blueberry Hill (alternate take 1 & 4) / 2. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (alternate take 14) 3. King Of The Whole Wide World (alternate take 7 & 8) 4. Mama (original extended master) 5. She's A Machine (undubbed master) / 6. If I Can Dream (vocal overdub, false start take 1 - soundtrack session take 4) / 7. Don't Cry Daddy (alternate mix) / 8. My Little Friend (original album master for "Almost In Love") / 9. After Loving You (alternate mix) / 10. Without Love (alternate mix) / 11. Change Of Habit (undubbed alternate master) / 12. Let Us Pray (alternate master) / 13. What'd I Say (live version) / 14. That's All Right (live version) / 15. Snowbird (undubbed master) / 16. Blue Suede Shoes (live version) / 17. I'm Leavin' (unedited undubbed master) / 18. He Is My Everything (unedited undubbed master) / 19. There Is No God But God (unedited undubbed master) / 20. The First Time Ever Is Saw Your Face / 21. What Now My Love (live, original mix) / 22. I Got A Thing About You Baby (remixed version for "This Is Elvis") / 23. Promised Land (unedited take 5) / 24. Fever (live version / August 30, 1974)*** / 25. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) (June 2, 1975)*** / 26. Portrait Of My Love (informal recording)

***new source/much better sound.