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Seven Magnificent Albums

August 04, 2007 | Other
The British quality newspaper the Telegraph has a magnificent article on-line for the 30th anniversary. It handles Elvis' most important albums according to the author, under the title "Elvis Presley: Seven Magnificent Albums". The seven are: "The Sun Collection", "Elvis Presley", "Elvis", "Elvis Is Back", "Elvis NBC TV Special", "From Elvis In Memphis" and "Elvis Country".

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Elvisnites wrote on August 04, 2007
They are magnificent albums and I'm glad you said "according to the author", because it should have included a gospel album.
2kisses&3scarfs wrote on August 04, 2007
Yes, Elvisnites, I agree! The album, "How Great Thou Art" should have been included.
Lex wrote on August 04, 2007
Nope, no gospel... if you'd read the article you'd know they were not only magnificent, but also significent... and Elvis' gospel albums are more than okay (allthough I prefer His Hand In Mine and even listen more often to He Touched Me than to How Great Thou Art), but certainly not significent.
Ezz wrote on August 04, 2007
Is this list some kind of joke, what about Clambake and PHS ?
LuckyJackson wrote on August 04, 2007
You would think that a quality newspaper like the Telegraph would have got the date of Elvis' death right...they have it as 10th August..at least they got the year right!
Elvisnites wrote on August 04, 2007
I really don't like the tone of that article. You don't even have to read between the lines. Does he know the story behind "Old Shep"?
chicken wrote on August 04, 2007
Of course we'll all disagree on which albums, but I would have included 'On Stage' and 'That's The Way It Is' rather than 'Elvis Presley' and 'Elvis' and could I have the posthumous 'burning Love'
see see rider wrote on August 05, 2007
I always thought you got to pick ten albums if you were stranded on an island, but in any case, it would be a hard choice to make. Naturaly the NBC TV special album was chosen since it was a major turning point in Elvis's career & in saying that, you'd a thought the Aloha from Hawaii album would have been included as well. I'm not sure I would have picked The Sun Collection though, since it's not an actual album in my book, just a collection of ALL the song's that was recorded while he was still with Sun Records.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on August 05, 2007
Yes very difficult, because where is Golden Record's Vol 1 / King Creole ( possibly ) best soundtrack ever imo. And all that chicken mentioned.
FJE wrote on August 05, 2007
The Sun Collection makes the perfect album even though at that time it was not meant to be an album but just a collection of singles. It is highly regarded by critics worldwide and is the only "album" that constantly makes it into any "Best Albums Of All Time" lists. Starting from around the mid-sixties most albums took months, even years, to be recorded so the fact that the songs recorded at Sun where not done in one session doesn't diminish its stature one iota. On the other hand, Elvis' 1st proper album was nothing but a rush-released hotch-potch of some new recordings bundled together with left-overs from Sun. I do appreciate its huge impact when first released in 1956, and that famous cover has earned it a cult status and copied various times but I feel today its status has diminished. If I had to choose my Magnificent Seven this is the one from the list above I would have left out, perhaps substituted with King Creole which contains some very good Leiber-Stoller tunes and is the best movie soundtrack.
Jerome wrote on August 05, 2007
If you pick the Sun, you should pick Moody Blue. You got to have some closure.
Steve V wrote on August 05, 2007
I agree with all of them. These are also my favorite Elvis albums and the only ones I constantly keep in my car. As good as King Creole is, how can it be significant? Its a soundtrack album and a soundtrack cant be significant. Also no gospel album is. Its religious overtones cannot appeal across the board. So these are the correct 7. The Sun Collection even tho a collection of singles is arguably the most important music ever recorded so it has to be there.
ta2k wrote on August 06, 2007
After reading the first 2 lines my interest was gone and this went in the bin.
ta2k wrote on August 11, 2007
Just to clarify: My previous message was relating to how they described the passing of the King, Not the article itself. I didn't even bother reading the article after seeing their oh so humane description to events. TCB