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Rebirth Of 'Revolver Magazine' With Elvis Special

August 02, 2007 | Other
The last issue of the Dutch music magazine 'Revolver' magazine dated from March 2007. The magazine, with a more mature musiclover as the target audience, did not sell well. With the help of Pinkpop Classic organisator Jan Smeets, there will be a new start this month.

The new magazine will not be changed to much compared with the 'old' one. In the august issue, there will be articles about Elvis, Sly Stone and Norah Jones. There will be a cd included with the title 'Elvis Lives'. Besides the 'real' Elvis, there will be songs from 'other' people with the same name: Elvis Perkins, Elvis Barker, Lady Elvis and Hot Buttered Elvis. The dutch magazine will hit the stores on august 16.