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Larry King Live - Live From Graceland

August 02, 2007 | Other
An entire edition of CNN's Larry King Live will emanate live from inside Graceland Mansion at 8:00 PM Eastern on August 15, 2007.

From the CNN site:

His guest will be Priscilla Presley. The production values of this editon will far exceed any of the shows King has ever devoted to the King of Rock 'n' Roll, so do not miss it!
Check your local listings in the USA and abroad for the live first run and subsequent rerun that evening. Addtional runs in the months ahead are likely.

Want to participate in the program? The producers invite you to e-mail your ideas for questions for Larry King to ask Priscilla. Just go the the Larry King Live homepage  look to the right and scroll down to the section with the photo of Elvis to find the link for sending your message.
Mielvis wrote on August 02, 2007
Funny how when the fans will be paying homage to Elvis at the candlelight vigil, ol' Priscilla will be paying homage to herself and the almighty dollar. This woman has no class whatsoever
bobbyb1968 wrote on August 03, 2007
Without Priscilla there would be no Graceland today whrere Fans can pay tribute. Think about that. And what pertain the class, this woman has more class in one of her fingers than others in the whole body (And I say that without beeing a fan of hers).
Mofoca22 wrote on August 03, 2007
i agree with you bobbyb i cant believe the trashing of priscilla and lisa marie people do. if they were true elvis fans they wouldnt say or so half the crap they say about them. i hope i am awake when larry king is on i dont want to miss it like the last time cuz of this war in iraq took the coverage the last time
CEP wrote on August 03, 2007
What are you talking about Mielvis - Priscilla is probably the main driving force behind keeping Elvis positively in the public eye over the last 20 years - without Priscilla making some great yet tough decisions about how to manage the Elvis image/legacy we would still be in the bad old days when Elvis was viewed as a joke.Elvis fans owe her a lot - and of course she has made money out of the huge industry that Elvis is now - she helped to build it - she deserves it
Jerome wrote on August 04, 2007
I read Larry does this show on the condition that hé will be called the King..
Steve V wrote on August 04, 2007
Larry has done a lot over the years giving Elvis exposure whether its interviewing friends, ex-girlfriends, Priscilla or whoever. You cant say Larry has ignored Elvis. He even asked McCartney to reflect on Elvis once. I think he is probabaly a fan.