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Hot Shots And Cool Clips - Volume 3 Out Now

August 04, 2007 | Video
Joe Tunzi's latest DVD " informed us that volume 3 in his "Hot Shots and Cool Clips" series has been released.


Elvis Hot Shots and Cool Clips Volume 3 captures never before seen footage of classic Elvis Presley moments .Including signing his M.G.M.movie contract in 1962,His 1957 performance in Chicago, Arriving for the films Blue Hawaii and Girls! Girls! Girls!,Elvis with Frank Sinatra and Barbara Stanwyck, Elvis in Nashville ,Complete 1970 Houston Press Conference ,and Lost Holy Grail Jailhouse Rock Screen test, plus much more.
Source:JAT Publishing
Steve V wrote on August 04, 2007
This might be worth it just for the complete 1970 press conference. I'm so sick of seeing just clips of press conferences. It would be nice to have a complete one for a change.
JimmyCool wrote on August 04, 2007
I think it's very difficult to have complete press conferences, because the cameras they used didn't have enough tape, so they stopped and just recorded the best. But all cameras didn't stop at the same time, and that's why we can have almost complete takes, from different angles.
stanton wrote on August 04, 2007
Like always this one will be another roulette wheel: either your lucky and you really get some new footage or you have hard luck and find 5 new seconds of our boy; but to people like me these 5 seconds are worth nearly a fortune. So let`s gamble again...
wayup wrote on August 05, 2007
Another piece of crap from Tunzi. I feel sorry for those who are buying this. HOLY GRAIL. What will be next? "Divine heavenly unseen 30 second clip of fantastic Elvis in brilliant Clambake?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 05, 2007
As long as people are willing to pay high prices for very little new material, the series will continue,i refuse to buy these type of dvd's!
Tony D. wrote on August 05, 2007
We all acknowledge that the 2nd volume in this series was a classic failure and dissapointment, but I feel this volume will be slightly better with at least (hopefully) something complete in the way of the Houston press conference. Don't forget, Elvis has been dead for 30 years and no new footage is being made!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 05, 2007
Yes thats true,but still doesnt excuse the high prices,make it cheaper and more complete so more fans buy!
everett001 wrote on August 05, 2007
Sounds like Tunzi has learned to MILK the Elvis Fan as well as EPE ,inc. has.
benny scott wrote on August 06, 2007
Hi mature, Any idea what you guys in the USA have to pay for Hot Shots... volume 3 ? I'm almost sure that here in Europe we pay less.
Loesje wrote on August 06, 2007
Whatever the price is.. it is too much!!
Steve V wrote on August 06, 2007
benny scott - the price in the USA is $39.95
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 09, 2007
Steve thats about what i thought,since the last 2 were around same price and thats before you get taken for a ride with high shipping costs!
genedin wrote on August 26, 2007
of course tunzi never gives us enough for our money but it that the way of the world. my only complaint other than shortness of video is that vol2 nor vol 3 have any cool clips as in still pictures. would be nice to live up to the title of the release. ps does anyone know how long the 2 aloha press conferances actually were?