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Growing Up In The Shadow Of A King

August 01, 2007 | Book
Released July 16, 2007 is a book from Roger Loyd, son of the late Harold Loyd who was a security guard at the gates of Graceland from the early sixties until he retired in the early 90's. The book is entitled "Growing Up In The Shadow Of A King".

From the press release:

My fathers mother and Elvis' mother were sisters. Dad spent most of his life growing up with Elvis and his parents in Tupelo before they all moved to Memphis. Needless to say they were very close. Elvis was even the best man when my parents were married.

The book contains many great stories about Elvis that have never been told. Stories such as: The time my mom hit Elvis in the head while they were picking cotton, The time when an older Elvis broke a gumball machine in downtown Memphis, then ran to my dads aprtment to switch clothes, or visiting with Elvis at Graceland while he was watching the gameshow "The Price is Right". There are too many wonderful stories to fit in this one letter, but I know you will enjoy all of them.

I titled my book "Growing Up In The Shadow of a King". It also contains never before seen family photos at Graceland and at Elvis' ranch.
FJE wrote on August 01, 2007
I think I'll wait until the grandson of Scatter the Chimpanzee comes out with HIS memoirs of living with The King!
Jerome wrote on August 01, 2007
maybe this one ain't too bad. Don't know if Harold wrote a book himself? I'm never to crazy about secondhand story writing..
2kisses&3scarfs wrote on August 01, 2007
Harold Loyd did write a book in 1987 called, "Elvis Presley's Graceland Gates". It's a small book with some great stories what happened all the years he was Elvis' gate-keeper. It also has some wonderful photos in black and white and color. I'm wondering what the children will have to say that could be different. Since it's not that expensive, I may just buy it.
2kisses&3scarfs wrote on August 01, 2007
For RossII- This book is available now at Amazon.com for $12.95 in the US.
stanton wrote on August 02, 2007
What a nice shadow to grow up in....it seems. Still can live good of it, huh? First of all it would have been interesting to read which sister of Gladys he`s talking about before he starts with the cotton picking story. I mean, after all, they were not too big of a crowd, the Smiths, so the aunt must have a first name.
Nimy wrote on August 02, 2007
I'll buy it. It's more interesting than "ELVIS BY THE PRESLEY"(sorry Beaulieu).