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40 Greatest Reissue

August 01, 2007 | Music
Released in the import circuit is a CD reissue of the "classic" Arcade compilation "40 Greatest", The cover is a small double album slipcase and the CDs, containing remastered audio, resemble the two vinyl discs.
Source:Magazines: Essential Elvis
Jerome wrote on August 01, 2007
Melody of 'Help Me'. "Lord, help me buy, another budget, just one more budget. I just can't pay it on my own. Lord, help me get used, to such many ugly covers, I just can't take it anymore. Never thought they needed help before, I thought they would cash in by themselves. But now I know I just can't take it anymore. With an empty bankaccount and a shelf full of cd's, Help me!" (please fill in the second verse!!, anyone!!)
Lex wrote on August 01, 2007
Budget? It's a bootleg... why would anyone want this on bootleg?
CEP wrote on August 02, 2007
Ah this brings back memories.I got this for my birthday in 1975 - it is the album which hooked me on Elvis - then it appeared on pink vinyl and i had to buy that too - I am very fond of 40 greatest hits - again though all some so called Elvis fans seem to do on this site is whinge and complain and criticise -it is very depressing really - please go away
JerryNodak wrote on August 02, 2007
Back in the day when this was a legit release and not an "import" I bought this on pink vinyl. Too bad this a boot. If it weren't I'd buy it just to have it on cd.
SendToTodd wrote on August 02, 2007
The Arcade double, which at the time was the biggest ever selling two set, was never available on pink vinyl, that was the European K tel import. These two deals that RCA did in Europe got back at a stroke the $6 million that they paid Elvis & The Colonel for their entire pre 1973 back catalogue. Sadly it seems a family trait to sell of the family silver, and now with copyrights expiring by the month on the Elvis archive public domain releases are swamping the European market, which is payback time for RCA, whilst at the same time, sadly, is devaluing the Elvis legacy.
wayup wrote on August 02, 2007
Unbelievable piece of s**t. What will be next, dear Mr. Stealer-Bootlegger? What about U.S. Male Camden reissue? Or 100 Super Rocks? Or Elvis Sings for Children and Grown Ups Too? These can be also fantastic! Hope you will pay me for these ideas ;-)
marco31768 wrote on August 02, 2007
I totally agree with "wayup"!!!
Steve V wrote on August 02, 2007
It was fine for its day back in 1975. Helped bring Elvis a lot of new fans. Absolutely no need for this on CD now , legit or bootleg. There are so many comps out there, there is just no need. Treasure your vinyl and the memories it brought you.
Ricardo wrote on August 02, 2007
Well,I got this Lp The cover is Great!! I need this cd! From Peru,Ricardo