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My Baby Left Me

July 24, 2007 | Music
The Memphis Recording Service is coming with a new CD, exclusive to HMV. The disc wil contain the audio tracks "My Baby Left Me"/ "One-sided Love Affair". As bonus a videotrack of "Don't Be Cruel" (Tupelo 1956) is added. The cover art is the original HMV sleeve. There will also be a 10" vinyl version, of course on that version "Don't Be Cruel" is without video. The release date is August 20.
Source:HMV U.K.
stanton wrote on July 24, 2007
Here the same like I already said: the market is ready for some Candids, maybe live recorded in the 70ies, unpopulair songs, not those that you can hardly hear, because the audience is too loud, but outtakes per say from studio sessions and some funny versions like "Heart of Rome" - a highlight to me! Or "Solitaire"- a wonderful, so rarely played title. To get new Elvis Listeners; the market will die some day, because people don`t have the money any more to buy more of the stuff they already have 5-6 times, just because of a new cover. Not everybody is as involved into Elvis like I am and some other hardcore fans, some people just want to here new songs of Elvis here and there. And since there are still so many unknown songs sleeping somewhere on some MP3´s there is chance big enough to make the market flow with great music of our man.
memphis06 wrote on July 24, 2007
It looks like there's a new market for this. I wonder how Ernst feel about this? I hope they will release also the albums, starting with Loving You... (not)
Mystery Rider wrote on July 24, 2007
somebody is doing it right. this is what the collectors want Ernst wake up, look about and go back to sleep you missed the boat, i'd like to hear your excuse as to why it was not done by BMG a lot sooner. If i was donald Trump you'd be FIRED.
Tony C wrote on July 25, 2007
This looks like an interesting release, especially the vinyl edition. The cover is nice, although it is a new design. The original HMV release was a different coupling and did not come in a picture sleeve. Maybe I'm missing something regarding the posting below, but what has Donald Trump got to do with Ernst's employment?
Mr Cool wrote on July 25, 2007
But as with the audio from the recent Tupelo dvd its all 'stolen' from RCA/BMG. There's at least one major political party in the U.k.who have said they will extend the copyright law to 75 years.Hopefully that will put an end to unlicensed product e.g.classic sun recordings flooding the market.
Tony C wrote on July 25, 2007
I would agree with Mr_Cool, the market has been flooded with early Elvis product since it has gone out of copyright in the EU. The only person in the music industry who has spoken out against the EU law is Cliff Richard, but every time he mentions it he is treated with derision. People seem to think that he is only concerned about adding to his personal wealth. I have always supported extending it, but the release of the Tupelo footage with sound made me question my views. Ultimately, I suppose the Tupelo release would always have been possible, just more costly if the audio had to be licensed.
memphisblues wrote on July 26, 2007
This looks good to me, the MRS product's have been great so far and the tie in with HMV is a good one. The licence laws here in the UK are different to the USA. And at least you won't find this in a MiniMart bargain bin for a Quid, which at least makes it a real Collectable