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Mark James In Memphis

July 24, 2007 | People
Mark James, author of “Suspicious Minds”, “Always On My Mind” and “Raised On Rock” will make a guest appearance at Elvis Unlimited’s “Back In Memphis”-show. The show is headlining B.J. Thomas and “The Memphis Boys” (American Sound Studio Band). Dickie Lee, author of “She Thinks I Still Care” and many other hits will also be special guest. Don’t miss this event in Memphis on August 17. You can order tickets through Elvis Unlimited’s website.
Source:Elvis Unlimited

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byebye wrote on July 24, 2007
Besides "Suspicious minds" and "Allways on my mind" he also wrote "Moody blue". Those 3 songs are classics now. Hats off to Mark!!!
stanton wrote on July 24, 2007
Sure one of the best...
rosiel wrote on July 24, 2007
Yes, great songwriter and a lovely man to boot.
Tony C wrote on July 25, 2007
For Mark James to have written just one of these songs for Elvis would have been wonderful in itself, but to have wriiten all that he did is remarkable. The link on "Always On My Mind" above, took me to an advert for Willie Nelson's cover version of this song!
aura wrote on July 25, 2007
Yes, the above link to "Always On My Mind" leads us to the cover of this song by Willie Nelson... And it should lead anyone to the original recording by ELVIS. It always makes me furious when somebody thinks this song was originally sang by Nelson... and it happens many times to my regret. Why does ElvisNews.com have this link as it is? This song should lead everyone ALWAYS to ELVIS...
Tony C wrote on July 26, 2007
On a guided tour of Memphis, I was informed that Willie Nelson wrote "Always on My Mind" for Elvis. I corrected the guide privately at the end of the tour, saying that Willie Nelson merely covered the song many years after Elvis' version. I was told that I was wrong!
aura wrote on July 26, 2007
But what a stupid thing to say... he (or she) wasn't absolutely sure, he should keep his mouth shut. I have the song "Always On My Mind" recorded by W. Nelson and Mark James is there mentioned as the author. Indeed, Kilburn Tony, you have reasons to be more furious than me...
tk10 wrote on August 09, 2007
mark james is a great songwriter. i havent heard his latest songs but i remember when wed pik and share songs up in kent and mark mc neils attic back in 1969. we would go up there to get a way from the wives and kids downstairs. ha ryte on mark paul terry king