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Elvis The Movie DVD Release

July 28, 2007 | Video
The movie "Elvis - The Movie" starring Kurt Russell as Elvis will be released on DVD by First Look Studio's on August 7 2007.


Directed By: John Carpenter
Starring: Kurt Russell, Shelly Winters, Season Hubley, Bing Russell, Pat Hingle
Genres: TV MOVIE , Drama

Kurt Russell portrays The King from his beginnings as a 35-dollar-a-week truck driver to one of the most popular music and film stars the world has ever seen. As the film opens Elvis is about to return to the stage in his heroic Las Vegas comeback show. Alone in his hotel room Elvis flashes back to his past, a lifetime away. He remembers his rebellious youth at Humes High School in Tupelo, Mississippi, his early days in Memphis, and then his meteoric rise to fame and fortune and the one true love of his life…Priscilla. Elvis also features Shelley Winters in a strong performance as his beloved mother Gladys, Kurt's dad Bing Russell as Elvis' dad Vernon, and Pat Hingle as his shady manager, Colonel Parker. Country singer Ronnie McDowell does an uncanny job of recreating Elvis' singing vocals.

Product Information [DVD]
Running Time: 171 min.
Date Available: 8/7/2007
Catalog #: FLP - 80429
ISBN: 1592417418
UPC: 687797804297
MSRP: 14.98 USD

Special Features
Closed Captioning, Spanish Sub Titles

Other Details
Dialog Languages: English
Subtitle Language(s): Spanish
Closed Captioned: Yes
Colonel wrote on July 28, 2007
I can't stand Ronnie McDowell, but I'm looking forward to this movie, as I heard alot of good stuff about it.
lray wrote on July 28, 2007
Compared to other Elvis movies that came after, this one is fairly decent. Kurt Russell is pretty good. But I did not like the tone (the same goes for the movie, This Is Elvis and it's narraration) of the movie. It showed Elvis in 1969 Vegas sulking and shooting at TV's. Why are stories about Elvis always presented in a negative way. Elvis was having a ball in 1969. He was not a depressed mess. Also if I remember the movie correctly, he is dressed in a 1972 jumpsuit doing his 1969 opening show.
JerryNodak wrote on July 28, 2007
Yes, there are many factual errors in this movie, but Kurt Russell was great as Elvis. Errors aside I welcome this movie's arrival on DVD and will certainly buy a copy. BTW: Elvis was known to shoot out TV screens. There was an incident in Vegas. Don't recall if it was '69. I've been tempted many a time to shoot out a TV screen. But not being rich like Elvis I couldn't afford it.
Mark wrote on July 28, 2007
There is nothing wrong with Ronnie McDowell I have 3 cd's of his. The king Is Gone / The E Street Connection/ The Best of Ronnie McDowell like them all
dannyboy1 wrote on July 29, 2007
I've seen both versions (longer cinema release and shorter TV version) many years ago now. I remember being very excited by this movie back in '79 and in view of the crap films on Elvis that have come out since, I'm sure this will still stand above them as the best. However, having said that, it's not a film for the purists who want factual accuracy. It always seemed to me that while wanting to end the film in 1969, John Carpenter also wanted to bring in a lot of elements from the 70's. From memory the following were all squeezed in, even though they really should not have appeared: ~ The Adonis (or Comet) suit from 1972 ~ Elvis and Priscilla's separation ~ Elvis shooting the TV set ~ Elvis singing "Sweet Caroline" ~ Elvis singing "The Wonder of You" ~ Elvis singing "Separate Ways" ~ Elvis singing "Dixie / Battle Hymn of the Republic" ~ Elvis singing "Bosom of Abraham" in a shirt very reminiscent of TTWII and EOT Just let me stress though that this is all from memory. I haven't seen the film for MANY years.
Jerome wrote on July 29, 2007
The movie is pretty good for its genre. The filming acting and singing is good enough. But as a movie director I would have said: 'Kurt don't exxagerate your Elvis-movements, it isn't a parody..'
TBG wrote on July 29, 2007
Elvis the Movie is a lousy movie, you are wasting your money if u buy this. Like Jerome wrote, Kurt's Elvis-movements is more of a parody than acting, and the stupid 1972-jumpsuit in the 1969 opening. And no mentioning of the 1968-special or anything. It's a stupid movie that reinforces the public's opinion of Elvis as a joke. Elvis was so original that no one can ever copy him or act as him in any movie without looking stupid. Just look at Tom Jones, who is a great singer and performer. But even he looked stupid trying to copy some of Elvis' movements on stage. Nah, spend your money on the original - not the copycats..
Steve V wrote on July 29, 2007
Didnt care for this or any of the Elvis portrayals in these so called bio pics. Did Kurt ever smile in this movie? Dont think so. Elvis was a lot less gloomy than this. That plus the wrong facts throughout. I wont watch this again.
Dixieland Rocks wrote on July 29, 2007
I love this movie and Kurt does a fine job. I will be buying it. Please keep in mind we know more about ELVIS now than they did then. As for Ronnie, I have many of his CD's. When they don't have the rights to the real thing Ronnie does a great job.
lvisfan wrote on July 30, 2007
When this movie first aired I didn't like it mainly for them using Ronnie McDowell as the singer. I have nothing against McDowell as a singer, but he ain't no Elvis! Too sugary sounding, and the vocals on the 50's sounded like the vocals at the end where the movie finishes at Elvis' 69 comeback to Vegas (in a Jumpsuit!?). Other than that I think Kurt Russell did a great job especially when youu compare it to all the other aweful made for TV movies that have followed.
Ton Bruins wrote on July 30, 2007
TBG is right. It is not a good movie. "overacting" by Kurt Russel with his silly Elvis movements..
memoriesoftheking wrote on July 30, 2007
Good movie. Not perfect, but given the track record, it's probably the best we are ever going to get. Waaaaay Better than that crappy mini series from last year. We know how much Kurt Russell likes and respects Elvis, and I think it comes through. Look for Charlie Hodge playing himself.
genedin wrote on July 31, 2007
i cant stand the negativity everyone has when something new comes out. how many people knew in 79 elvis wore a 2 piece suit in vegas? only the fans know, not the normal public. the jumpsuit is part of elvis folklore so thats why it is in there. i think the movie was fine by all standards and appreciate them bringing in 70s elements throughout the movie. this is not a total accurate account of elvis and who knows exactly when he started shooting out tv sets? i for one do not know the correct date, do any of you ? as for kurt's acting,he probably followed the directors orders so if you have any ill towards anyone,let it be the director. if they keep reading negative things written by us the fans, new stuff will cease to come out.oh and danny boy dont forget burning love if your gonna nit pick, nit pick all the way, lol
Ezz wrote on July 31, 2007
An awful terrible film, i could`nt watch this film all the way through on it`s release it was so bad. If i remember rightly, did`nt John Carpenter disown this film on release?
FLASHBOY wrote on July 31, 2007
This movie is he best Elvis movie that have been release if you want to complain about a stupid Elvis movie pick the one Johnathan R Mayer did. I think Kurt Russel did a great job portraying Elvis. Keep in mind that this movie was done in 1979 the world din't know Elvis as well as we do today. I like Kurt Russel at least he is showing respect for Elvis
Duncs wrote on July 31, 2007
This is more entertaining than DOUBLE TROUBLE & STAY AWAY JOE ! ( Just my opinion )
Santa Claus wrote on July 31, 2007
This movie was co-produced by Charlie Hodge (He was also co-starring). But some fans here seem to know everything better anyway.
Tony C wrote on July 31, 2007
I first saw "Elvis The Movie" in it's shortened version as a UK cinema release, and the longer TV version a few years later. I found them both very enjoyable. I think they did a good job to cram Elvis' life story into a single film. Obviously poetic license was taken with the chronology, but this is not unusual for a biopic. I thought Kurt Russell did a good job at portraying Elvis, and the best I have seen so far. We have to be realistic, the will never be another human being that could portray the greatness that Elvis' was gifted with. When the film was released in the UK, I bought the soundtrack LP. I was drawn to the version of "My Happiness" on it, never dreaming that I would get to hear Elvis' original recording a mere decade later!
Jerry 79 wrote on July 31, 2007
Kurt Russell looks good as Elvis in this movie - better that Don Johnson - he was terrible. But to me the best movie about Elvis's life is "This Is Elvis". I like the idea of using original fotage and filling the gaps beetween them with an Elvis alike actor. Anyway I will not buy this one I save my money for "This Is Elvis"
gary 1 wrote on July 31, 2007
I had the new This Is Elvis dvd yesterday and it is going to be a hard one to beat .But i have to say i'm looking forward to getting Elvis it's about time it came out on dvd.
My boy, my boy wrote on July 31, 2007
Everyone's got a point in here. I agree with most of you guys. This new release from the 1979 movie has its good and bad sides. But one thing is for sure, it will a lot more enjoyable to watch than the worthless mini-series we saw a few years ago with Jonathan Myers. He made Don Johnson look credible...LOL...Now, who would have thought that being possible ? It's OK to decide to pay tribute to an artist but up to what point ?...It is sometimes questionnable to say the least !
emjel wrote on July 31, 2007
For any non fan, and as a curiosity value, it's okay although it still can give a false impression of Elvis the entertainer. But at the end of the day, it does not matter how good the actor is or the director etc, no one can touch Elvis' charisma or personailty. You cannot act charisma - you are simply born with it. And the big problem with all the Elvis copycats is they try to show a 70's Elvis with 50's movements. As a fan I wouldn't buy this or any other tribute film if I saw them in the bargain bins. Just give me the real thing. But then each to his own.
My boy, my boy wrote on July 31, 2007
"You cannot act charisma"...Emjel, you hit the nail right on the head !
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 01, 2007
He may respect elvis and all that jazz,but when it comes to this film,i dont see what all the fuss is over,its a cheesy movie,and yet another failed attempt at trying to be elvis,some people seem to think that all elvis did was go around saying well thank ya thank ya very much,ive heard russell talking about working with elvis and im sorry he doesnt get what elvis was about as much as hem ight think he does!
Ruthie wrote on August 01, 2007
My boy, my boy - I love your comments about that worthless Myers & Don Johnson- what a hoot! You are so right on the mark!Well stated.