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Elvis At 3 Statue

July 24, 2007 | Other
Michiel Van Der Sommen, the artist who also created the 13 year old Elvis statue, just announced that he is creating a new sculpture: Elvis at 3. The model is taken from the famous family portrait with Elvis posing as a toddler between his parents. This sculpture is just a pre-design. When and where the final sculpture is going to be released is not known at this moment.
Jerome wrote on July 24, 2007
I thought Baby-Elvis would be wearing the Alohajumpsuit...
stanton wrote on July 24, 2007
I think it is cute....
JustPretend1975 wrote on July 24, 2007
Slava / Jerome and a lot of other posters...i'm always amazed that WHATEVER item there is coming out about Elvis, there are ALWAYS people who think that it's all about money and think they have to make weird comments...This is in artist who have made a very nice official statue...He is just designing a sculpture of a very famous picture...as far as i know there is no picture about a 'fetus' or 'sperm'...so stop with the stupid comments....Also if one wants to make an artwork, without even a plan to commercialize it, let them!
lray wrote on July 24, 2007
It can't get any dumber than this. Can it? Hopefully this one will stay in Sommen's backyard.
Elvisnites wrote on July 24, 2007
I think it's adorable. If it comes in a small version, about 9 to 12 inches, I'd buy it. I always loved that picture. To each his own. It's better than a duck or teddy bear. At least this I can put on my end table.
rosiel wrote on July 24, 2007
JustPretend is right. This is so adorable. I have already purchased the artist's incredible.... Elvis at 13... statue and I just love it. He is so wonderful. I will get this as well. Some of you....particularly, the person who calls himself, Slava...are so nasty and sarcastic. This should not be allowed.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on July 25, 2007
Slava's comment's should not have been printed. This is a fine statue.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on July 25, 2007
.....but Jerome was humerous ! Those that know me, know what I think of the later jumpsuit's.
lray wrote on July 25, 2007
Okay, okay I get the point. But I have to ask all of you. Could it possibly be any uglier than it is?
EspenK wrote on July 25, 2007
Whats "ugly" about a three year old kid... Noting. The ugliness is found elsewhere on this page...
Jerry 79 wrote on July 26, 2007
It is quite nice - It should be placed somewhere in Tupelo - maybe on a playground. I think that such ideas are better that talking heads or other crap like jumpsuits for dogs etc.