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Elton John About Elvis

July 27, 2007 | People
On the ABC TV program 'Enough Rope' with Andrew Denton, Elton John tells about his admiration for Elvis. He confirms that Elvis started everything for the popculture, and that without him there would be no Beatles or Dylan.

The video was available on YouTube, but you can try finding it using the search option.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on July 27, 2007
i can see this, elvis was 1/8 american, and john is a flaming arrow. However elton is no little richard.
Mofoca22 wrote on July 27, 2007
thats great to hear elton john say something great about the king. i always liked elton johns music and Jumpin Jehosaphat who cares if elton john is gay hes showing more respect to elvis than a lot of othe rperformers have in the past like as you mentione dlittle richard. he is the most disrespectful jerk i ever seen as far as it comes to elvis. elvis never stole his music i have a few concert cd's of elvis from the 50's elvis was always introducing songs by little richard saying this is a song done by little richard or something like that.
sal05 wrote on July 27, 2007
Elton John is great indeed. I don't know if a lot of people know but Elvis actually admired Elton as well and once attended one of Elton Johns concerts. Elton once also went backstage once to say hello to Elvis and meet him in person. I have never heard Elton speak about this though, which is a bit strange, but also I have not see a lot of Elton John interviews.
stanton wrote on July 27, 2007
Elton John is a pop icon himself and he sure knows what it is like to be someone so special - and how hard life can get there. He is one of the so called "survivors" - something we all wish Elvis would have been, too. Elton made it around, and still keeps on entertaining, which I admire very much. He also is one of the fairest and most sincere people in the business - and I guess he knows about Elvis` circumstances in the mid - 70ies and the social expectations pressing on him in those conservative days. And I´m sure he regrets very much that Elvis didn´t find the right accompany to help him out and lead him through the show biz jungle into inner peace of mind and satisfaction in and after rehabilitation.
My boy, my boy wrote on July 27, 2007
Even if it's obvious that Elton was a lot closer to another icone (John Lennon), it's always good to hear him saying nice things about the King. It's a little sad indeed that we never heard much details about these 2 meeting up in the mid-seventies. I remember reading that Lisa Marie was there too and that Elton was a favorite singer of hers. BTW, I have a special request for Elton, please sing an Elvis song for me one of these days buddy ! I'm sure you would sound as good as John Lennon' s version of Hound dog as recorded in Madison square garden...WOW !
My boy, my boy wrote on July 27, 2007
Sorry ,it's me again...I've just listened to John's version of Hound dog again and as much as I like his craziness with his interpretation, I actually must add that Yoko's "attempt" in the background vocals sux...now, how can you ruin a song more than that....Anyways !
emjel wrote on July 28, 2007
Video has now been removed from youtube!!!
Steve V wrote on July 28, 2007
In Elvis Straight-Up Joe Esposito mentions the two met backstage, but he also mentions how ELvis never really felt comfortable with Rock & Rollers (except those from the 50's). Its too bad. Had Elvis mingled more like Orbison , Perkins & Cash, I think we'd have more great music on our hands and Elvis would be more respected by the rock critics & press. The cookie cutter jumpsuited concerts may have given way to some really great shows and studio work.
John4126 wrote on July 28, 2007
From what i read the two met backsatge late on in Elvis' career when he was not in the best of health. This may well be why Elton John doesn't talk much about it. If that's the case - good for him!
Ruthie wrote on July 29, 2007
I also read ELvis Straight Up & that's Joe's take on the meeting. I am not saying his opinion is wrong but Schilling states that Lisa was thrilled about Elton John & that Elvis enjoyed meeting Elton for the few brief minutes that it took place. Elvis didn't limit himself to just the "50's" rockers, for cripe sakes he'd been around for 3 generations of rockers. It wouldn't take a genius to figure out the talent that was out there & Elvis could recognize it more than anyone. Instead of the competition that the media wants to make of it, I am sure there is more respect & admiration between Elvis, his peers & generations to come than we'll ever know. Elton is truly a gentleman to make that comment.
FLASHBOY wrote on July 29, 2007
Wow i always love Elton John's music i think he is one of the finest voice in the world and for him to say something nice about my favorite signer (Elvis) is a real treat. God bless Elton :)
Viva wrote on July 29, 2007
Just as a matter of interest, Elton John also credits Elvis with saving his life. When The King passed away, Mr John had a huge drink and drugs problem and the death of Elvis, he says, was a big wake up call to him, so he got his act together and sorted himself out. He is convinced that he would not be around today if the death of Elvis hadn't scared him so much. I got this from a Radio1 interview he did a good few years back, but I think it's also mentioned in his autobiography.
rosiel wrote on July 30, 2007
Elton has always said only great things about Elvis as has Cliff Richard. They are wise. If Elvis had lived long enough, he would have said that Elton is one of the finest songwriters alive.
My boy, my boy wrote on July 30, 2007
It`s always pleasant to read clever comments like yours Rosiel....Cheers !