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Australian Releases Update

July 23, 2007 | Music
Sony BMG Australia have delayed the release of "Elvis The King" and the limited edition "Viva Las Vegas" 2 CD set by one week to August 3. "The Early Years" will be released on July 28 as originally planned.

This first release of "Viva Las Vegas" is a limited edition double set and will include a previously unreleased Elvis concert recorded in Las Vegas, August 1969 and will be available for a limited time only.

A single disc version of "Viva Las Vegas" will be released at a later date, at this time scheduled for November. There is going to be a TV documentary made, and when this is available the single disc version will be released.

Also scheduled for release in Australia in November is a 'cut down' un-numbered version of the "Elvis The King" UK singles box set.

The Australian release of "Elvis The King", a 2-disc CD companion album, will contain the bonus tracks "Welcome To My World" on Disc 1 and on Disc 2 the live Elvis version of "If I Can Dream".
Source:Elvis Australia

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Colonel wrote on July 23, 2007
Please tell me if I'm wrong but as far as I know there is no live-version of "If I can dream". Even the "new" performance of it on the Deluxe-DVD was playback.
lray wrote on July 23, 2007
Yes, you are wrong. When Elvis performed it at the end of his 2 stand up shows, it was pre-recorded (playback). But when he performed it dressed in his white suit, it was live and there are different takes.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 23, 2007
Hey anyone know what the date of the live unreleased show is? a bit tired of the games, they know what there releasing and if you wont my hard earned money,start acting like you have some sence!
JimmyCool wrote on July 24, 2007
That's an error! They meant "If I Can Dream" duet (with Céline Dion), not a live version.
Colonel wrote on July 24, 2007
Lyle Ray: Thanks for telling me. Now that you say it, it seems pretty obvious but I didn't rememebr the different takes.... doh!