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The New Frontier Has Closed

July 18, 2007 | Other
Without ceremony, the Frontier quietly closed its doors on Monday July 16, at 12.01am. The resort was recently sold to the real estate investment group El Ad properties for $1.2billion.

The Old Frontier was only the 2nd hotel to be built on the Las Vegas Strip when it opened in 1942. It was renamed the New Frontier and re-modelled in 1955 with a space-age theme to reflect the atomic era with the nations optimism in exploring space in the 1950s, and Elvis made his debut appearance in the aptly titled Venus Room the following year.
Jerome wrote on July 18, 2007
I tried to donate some money but it seems now it can't be saved... Can I get my money back?!!!
memoriesoftheking wrote on July 19, 2007
This really stinks! I'm going to Vegas on Monday, and this is one of the Elvis related spots I wanted to visit. First the Aladdin, now the Frontier. I'm glad to see the LV Hilton doing okay. That's about all that is left of Elvis in Vegas.
Mystery Rider wrote on July 21, 2007
if your going to Vegas dont miss that great show at the Bellagio O the water show, the greatest show in Vegas. tickets are somewhat expensive about 160.00 us but worth every cent. Also take the tram to the Hilton the bus takes to long. no need for a car there.