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Inside The Dream - The Jimmy Velvet Story

July 21, 2007 | Book
Here is the cover of "Inside The Dream - The Jimmy Velvet Story", try to find Elvis.

Synopsis from Jimmy Velvet's site.

The brand new book will be specially shipped to Memphis for Elvis Week. Printed on quality paper and with 288 pages it features more than 1000 never published photos as well as 100 Radio Station Charts explaining Jimmy's musical career. 'Inside The Dream' is delightfully described as "An over-sized coffee table book that pulls the reader personally into each decade of this historical blast from the past. You’ll find yourself saying over and over, 'I remember when….' as you turn each page and watch the past 50 years of entertainment history come back to life." Jimmy Velvet was a friend to Elvis as well as his father Vernon. The book cover alone features 91 stars that Jimmy came to know.

To meet Jimmy Velvet during Elvis Week - with a chance to buy his book and personally signed photos of him and Elvis - get to the main lobby of the Clarion Hotel near Graceland.
Source:Elvis Information Network
Jerome wrote on July 21, 2007
try to find Lassie..
rosiel wrote on July 21, 2007
Definately want this one.
snyper wrote on July 21, 2007
The book looks good. Sounds interesting. I'll probably buy it. But, I have met Jimmy Velvet.....A Real Jerk!!! Unfriendly, rude, a smartass to my son who asked him an Elvis question. If i buy this it would only be for the photos. Not to read his goofy story of how he got his picture taken with every celebrity he could find.The guy strikes me as a user.
GeoS wrote on September 03, 2007
Visit my blog about Jimmy Velvet at Google blogspot "Music Journal". (search Googleblogs). Leave comments about any experiences with his records, radio air play, local charts - what city etc. Read the other music articles too. Nothing on Elvis so far but you have plenty of that. Also check the Wikipedia article on him. I will be getting this book.