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Bicentennial Elvis – Volume 3

By ElvisNews.com / Kees, July 16, 2007 | Video
Volume three in the Czech “Bicentennial Elvis” audienceis out. Is it worth a release on DVD?


The design of the package is nicely done; it shows the Elvis he was at the time. The liner notes mention “Moody Blue” as a single from “From Elvis Presley Boulevard” but we had to wait another year to see that appear as the title track of Elvis last album.


The first concert from Macon August 31, 1976 isn’t very entertaining; the liner notes correctly state Elvis is plagued by ill health, weight, relations and a record selling problem. Elvis appears to be very static, handing out scarf after scarf in exchange for several teddy bears and other fan presents. If there is an artist looking for inspiration for an Elvis statue, just watch this footage. Even when James Burton plays “Johnny B Goode” on the guitar behind his head he just stands there. Only when he performs a ballad like “Love Letters” this isn’t very disturing. Sadly enough this is the Elvis 10.200 fans saw that night in Macon. Watching this footage I get a better picture of why many live recordings from this era sound so boring. The only highlight we discovered in this concert is the rendition of “Hurt”, Elvis’ favourite song that evening it appears.

The concert is filmed from the audience and pretty complete. The footage has been copied from tape, that clearly shows, but like the producers say on the back cover, this is all that’s available. The audio is taken from a good source and nicely synchronized with the video footage, so no complaints there.

The footage of the Atlanta December 30, 1976 is worse; it is a bad audience recording, this is sad because the vague image we see on stage appears to be a much more entertaining Elvis.


Amateur footage can be great to watch, but the object has to be entertaining. If the audio and video quality of these two concerts could have been switched this DVD would have contained one nice concert to watch and enjoy.
Greg Nolan wrote on July 18, 2007
From what audio record remains of the late December '76 show, he's in fine shape (think Dallas, Birmingham or Pittsburgh) but unfortunately this DVD apparently is mainly a summer '76 show, with all that entails. That said, MEMORY is to be commended for documenting the King in the Bicentennial year. I have one of the earlier releases and the quality in the production and presentation was apparent, whatever the limitiations of the man in his penultimate year. I will hopefully pick this one soon enough. The Czechs come through, again, I'm sure.
EspenK wrote on July 23, 2007
Kees, it would add a whole lot of value if you guys could add a screenshot from the DVD to these reviews.
Gan wrote on October 01, 2007
I got this last month and I enjoy it very much. A great stuff added to my collection.