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A Dinner At The Hilton

July 16, 2007 | Music
A Dinner at the Hilton is a new bootleg CD that contains an audience recording from February 16, 1973 D.S.


2001 Theme / See See Rider / I Got A Woman - Amen / Love Me Tender / You Don't Have To Say You Love Me / Steamroller Blues / You Gave Me A Mountain / Fever / Love Me / Blue Suede Shoes / Hound Dog / What Now My Love / Johnny B. Goode / Suspicious Minds / Introductions / I Can't Stop Loving You / American Trilogy / Can't Help Falling In Love
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Ronaldv wrote on July 16, 2007
Does anyone need this?
Mofoca22 wrote on July 16, 2007
give us 1971 performances or some houston astrodome concerts from 1970 or even his fall tours in 1970 damn give us something that we dont have yet and something that dont sound like crap
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 17, 2007
I loath all these shows from vegas tahoe,etc,bore me to tears!
Jerome wrote on July 17, 2007
I'll be buying this.. I need a mat to put my drinks on..
old shep wrote on July 17, 2007
I cringe every time I see a concert kicking off with See See Rider!
old shep wrote on July 17, 2007
It goes without saying that Elvis did some memorable concerts with C. C. Rider as opener.The Hawaii concert for instance was outstanding. However the point is as a fan and buyer of Elvis items how many more concerts do I need with this song as an opener and the others that follow ad nauseam(the oxford dictionary spelling). Perhaps "baggy pants" you are one of these people who has a one minute retention span and consequently in all probability has not noticed the numerous releases with C.C. Rider as the opening song
wayup wrote on July 17, 2007
Sheppy, what about SKIP BUTTON, have heard about this? With small effort, using your thumb, you can skip this awful folk blues song that you hate ;-) Btw, I think that SKIP BUTTON is most important "tool" when one want to listen to these awful CDs without serious brain damage.
old shep wrote on July 17, 2007
Sorry you are missing my point i don't object to the song at all, no more than i dislike all the other songs Elvis recorded or performed live, it is the frequency that the songs are being released. I just don't need or can afford a stack of concert recordings that are so mind numbingly the same. If you wish to buy these releases that is your choice. I would rather listen to out takes, remixes or something different, that is my choice too.
Jerome wrote on July 17, 2007
the good point on Las Vegas Dinner performances is that the audience already knew what was on the menu.. (musicwise)
old shep wrote on July 17, 2007
You didn't appear in that Monty Python sketch did you "baggypants?" "When I was a lad I lived in a cardboard box and ate gravel etc". And i bet my bwover is bigger than your bwover!
old shep wrote on July 17, 2007
I'm but I don't understand what your twin brothers bootlegging has to do with this thread. I think at 59 I could be your senior " laddie"
whetherman wrote on July 17, 2007
Now now children.....behave! If you want the CD, buy it. If you dont, then don't. There - wasn't that simple.
rosiel wrote on July 18, 2007
This is so childish. Why can't you just state your personal opinion and not attack others. If you don't like something, just say so in a mature way. No need to tell someone else that they are 'dumb' or 'talking with their backside'...rediculous.
Ciscoking wrote on July 18, 2007
old shep wrote on July 18, 2007
Yes I agree this sketch is getting too silly
Ruthie wrote on July 19, 2007
Rosiel, you are right on. How can there be so much discussion & mean spirited remarks about a CD? If you like it, say so & buy it. If you don't like it, say so & don't buy it. Don't criticize what others may like. So many seem not to understand the difference between an opinion & nasty criticism. This site is getting worse.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 19, 2007
I assure you there are sites with more childish remakrs than here,your always going to have the ones with silly things to say!
sohigh wrote on September 15, 2007
What a cheap looking cover... but this CD sounds really great! Almost good as Fort Baxters "It's a matter of time". I like this one!!!