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Official TCB Band Website

July 09, 2007 | Other
The Official TCB Band Fan Club® today announced that its new website www.tcbfanclub.com is now officially live. The site, dedicated to Elvis Presley’s original TCB Band (Taking Care of Business) and its members that include Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee James Burton (guitar), Jerry Scheff (bass), Ron Tutt (drums), and Glen D. Hardin (piano), will serve as a virtual sanctuary to the many loyal fans seeking information on the group.

Exclusive members, who can join for a small annual subscription fee, will receive comprehensive up to the minute information on the band including tour dates, autograph opportunities, advanced ticket buys, biographies, complete discographies, multimedia clips, special competitions, official TCB Band and Fan Club merchandise and much more.

“It’s a lifelong dream to be working with James, Jerry, Ronnie and Glen D and to take part in launching this new website,” comments Ann Sunderland, TCB Band Fan Club Coordinator and lifelong fan and friend. “Music fans now have an outlet to show their support for one of the greatest bands of all time.”
Source:Official TCB Band Website (Fan Club)

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Colonel7 wrote on July 09, 2007
Great and Congratulations to the TCB Band for doing a spendid job, for y-e-a-r-s now!One new idea for them : perhaps they should look into possibility to have belgian Will Tura and dutch Lee Towers "record" a mini CD with them, full of Elvis songs. Just being creative....
Pedro Nuno wrote on July 09, 2007
It's a nice idea but TOTALLY unfair to John Wilkinson that is more a True TCB member than Ronnie Tutt or Glen D. The reason is that John Wilkinson and James Burton (together with Charlie Hodge) are the only original members of the TCB Band that played ALL Elvis Concerts from 31 of July 1969 till 26 of June 1977! Without John Wilkinson the Site is Not about the TCB Band, but about 4 members of the TCB band!
Ciscoking wrote on July 09, 2007
I was lucky enough to meet Ann, Ross and Rover, the three admins of this site personally and I do have to say, there couldn`t have been a better team to do this job. All are wonderful people who are really taking care of business. Keep on doing this fantastic, job..
fordy wrote on July 09, 2007
I agree with you Pedro, it is unfair to miss John and Charlie out. I think each and every one of them are fantastic, and this site is excellant news, about time!! However, to be fair Jerry, Glen and Ronnie didn't hang around when there were better offers on the table, unlike John, Charlie and James.
Mofoca22 wrote on July 10, 2007
gah! where is wilky at? he was a main part in that band
Ciscoking wrote on July 10, 2007
wilky (J.Wilkinson) had a stroke and don´t play any more.
rosiel wrote on July 10, 2007
Yes, they definately should be included here.........
Colonel7 wrote on July 14, 2007
Congratulations to Ann Sunderland and all TCB Band Members! Great news to have them close-by. Would take advantage to ask them for their input and recommendation to let us know on how we best voice or deliver our innovative marketing suggestisons to BMG and EPE Mgmt. We know that the TCB Band Members will get lots of lucrative profits from the sale of more and better FTD releases....and also from DVDs of Elvis Concerts (like the missing EonTour 1972 Concerts in 12 cities that MGM filmed and that should be brought out for general public on DVD carrying concerts only...no interviews or nonsense) The FTD version DVD could also carry the rehearsal sessions, apart from a 3CD Box. Great idea isn't it ? Love live the TCB Band and its Members ! Congrats to you Ann. Please let us know your reply. We'd love tohear from you.