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Memory Releases Out

July 09, 2007 | Music
The Czech Memory Records label releases "The Spirit Of Sin City" and "Bicentennial 3" are out now. The first contains the August 13, 1972 Dinner Show as recorded from the audience in Las Vegas. The second is a DVD containing professionally restored video footage from the Macon, August 31, 1976 and Atlanta, December 30, 1976 shows.

Tracks "The Spirit Of Sin City":

01. Also Sprach Zarathustra - 02. C.C. Rider - 03. I Got A Woman /Amen (medley) - 04. Proud Mary - 05. Until It's Time For You To Go - 06. You've Lost That Loving Feeling - 07. Polk Salad Annie- 08. Monologue - 09. What Now My Love (with false start) - 10. Fever - 11. Love Me - 12. Blue Suede Shoes - 13. One Night (incomplete) - 14. All Shook Up (with 2 false starts) - 15. Heartbreak Hotel - 16. Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel (medley) - 17. Hound Dog (incl. excerpt of "Ave Maria") - 18. For The Good Times - 19. Suspicious Minds - 20. Band Introductions - 21. My Way - 22. An American Trilogy - 23. A Big Hunk Of Love - 24. Can't Help Falling In Love - 25. Closing Vamp.

Bonus tracks (recorded in Las Vegas, August 26, 1972, Dinner show): 26. Johnny B. Goode - 27. I'll Remember You - 28. Little Sister / Get Back (medley) - 29. You Gave Me A Mountain - 30. Mystery Train / Tiger Man (medley).

Tracks "Bicentennial 3":

Macon August 31, 1976: Love Me - If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - You Gave Me A Mountain - And I Love You So - Jailhouse Rock - Fever - America (The Beautiful) - Band Introductions - What'd I Say - Love Letters - Hurt - Hound Dog - That's All Right, Mama - Blue Christmas - Mystery Train/Tiger Man (medley) - Can't Help Falling In Love.

Atlanta December 30, 1976: Also Sprach Zarathustra - C. C. Rider - I Got A Woman/Amen) (medley) - Big Boss Man - Love Me - Fairytale - Happy Birthday (to Elvis) - It's Now Or Never - Jailhouse - Such A Night) - Early Morning Rain - Are You Lonesome Tonight - That's All Right - Reconsider Baby - My Way - Hound Dog - Can't Help Falling In Love - Closing Vamp/Announcements.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on July 09, 2007
Beautiful CD-Album cover .. Take notes RCA-SONY!!
marco31768 wrote on July 09, 2007
Dear George, you're right! Since SONY is coming, Elvis' releasings are worst than ever...
Mofoca22 wrote on July 10, 2007
spirit of sin city seems too much like summer festival dont you all think?. im interested in bicentinail 3 though with such a night on the second disc i was thinking to myself today when i was listening to elvis perform one night one the american trilogy ftd release if he ever sang it in concert. elvis had like over 1,100 concerts from 1969. 1969,1970,1971, sometimes in 72,73, and 74 elvis would change his song selection but not often after 72 it is a shame too because so many song he sang in his career wouldve sounded great in concert i wouldve loved to hear rock-a-hula baby or hard headed woman in concert or joshua fit the battle,finders keepers losers weepers, there is so many songs i can think of that he wouldve performed great in concert and i can just imagine some of the fans making fools of themselves dancing to some of the movie songs like rock-a-hula lol it wouldve been very fun and entertaining for elvis and maybe spark elvis back into the younger hip swiveling rocker
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 10, 2007
I agree its too bad the fans then just wanted to see Elvis and the music was secondary to the kisses and scarves,also too bad he wasted too much time in vegas,no world tour etc!
You Dont Know Me wrote on July 10, 2007
I REALLY cannot understand these releases! the Vegas one is far, FAR too similar to either 'FTD summer festival' or 'Red Hot in Vegas' and the 2nd CD cannot possibly contain ALL of the 2 shows tracks listed! I mean is the Macon concert the SAME as Southbound Luxor 4931-3 (released 1998??) Certainly i havn't heard a great sounding release of Atlanta 30.12.76 so far, which makes me have a VERY suspicious Mind about the QUALITY of such releases-surely we don't mean audience recordings for the 2nd CD? or is it 'southbound', then live in Atlanta crap quality as a rubbish release combination.Not long ago we had 'An unforgettable night in Baltimore + little rock 17.6.72' and they were pretty awful releases- so why bother with these 2????
Wiebe wrote on July 10, 2007
I don't think we should complain about these releases beforehand. I am very interested in the quality of the Macon footage. If it's any good, it will be spectacular, since it was filmed very close. As for Atlanta, I think it will be about the same as we know it, so his face will be like a white ball most of the time. You would think in this digital era more great 8mm stuff would surface.
Colonel7 wrote on July 10, 2007
When can we expect the FTD release of studio outtakes of more exciting albums like EPBlvd or Fool or GTimes or Pot Luck? Not to forget GMan, PromLand, BLove and also the Country long sessions in 1970/71 for TTWII and Now, LLetters etc. That would be innovative good stuff that we would go out and buy. Not this Spirit of Sin City stuff. we have heard all this before. too little difference between what is already available on the market unless mature EP fans want to buy every concert or show. We opt for better quality and more diverse stuff - not Easy Go, but GGGirls, Roust, KCousins and complete King Creole, GI Blues and Blue Hawaii. Why not re-release for the general public Ernst's babies: the double albums on CD but this time around with added bonus songs like long versions of Don't think 2x, etc etc or put those on FTD label with more outtakes like Xrated PromLand, USMale, Monkey business, GMan etc etc Man then we're running to the music store to buy our CD!
Colonel7 wrote on July 11, 2007
Of course you can't and don't understand Wiebe, You don't and mature EP fans. Lousy marketing and lousy attention paid to a multimillion seller like Elvis...who is not trteated with enough respect by Sony and BMG. Covers is one think Marco, but content is another. And of course we should go first for the greatest unreleased and missing materials of studio sessisons, movie outtakes etc etc and then maybe compilations sthat make sense. Ernst was right all along by bringing out the Double Albums but where he went wrong was the fact that he did not add bonus outtakes to those double CDs (for the general public). They should give it another chance. It has been widely criticized and also suggested that they should do it again, but right this time ! No need for Sin City concerts that all sound alike and have no zest or mistery...Won't sell well anyway. And then Sony will complain and let us know. Never assume errors.
Charliemn wrote on July 13, 2007
Hi folks, I'm new to this as a member, but would like help on the BMG (?)/Camden releases. The 2 I'm asking about are, "Seperate Ways", and "Burning Love / Hits from his movies". Does anyone know if these have actually been released in the US yet?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 13, 2007
Yes they have,try cd universe,ive bought from them for years!