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Elvis At The Forum Released

July 11, 2007 | Music
The import release "Elvis At The Forum" is out now. It contains the unreleased afternoon concert of Elvis from May 11th, 1974 at Forum Of Inglewood, Los Angeles, CA. The CD comes with a 20 pages booklet.

Track listing:

Also Sprach Zarathustra - See See rider - I Got A Woman/Amen - Love Me - Trying To Get To You - All Shook Up - Teddy Bear/ Don't Be Cruel - Love Me Tender - You Can Have Her - Steamroller Blues - Hound Dog – Fever - Polk Salad Annie - Why Me, Lord? - Suspicious Minds - Introductions - I can't Stop Loving You - Help Me - An American Trilogy - Let Me Be There (reprise) - Funny How Time Slips Away - Big Boss Man - Can't Help Falling In Love - Closing Vamp – Announcer: Elvis has left the Building - Souvenir Announcement
Colonel7 wrote on July 11, 2007
Middel of the road release and better priced than US$100 for LA Concert on FTD. Why not release another session with outtakes of another one which is more commercial and more exciting like e.g. GMan/USMale/Monkey buzz? We need innovative materials first. especially this year 2007 with releases like PromLand or BurningLove or GMan session outtakes, which will sell well. Sony should not blame its salesforce for not selling well these FTDs. We also want to buy the TTWII-Country session outtakes (in two FTD volumes if need be) with great songs like Patch it up, I've lost y, Mary, Cindy, Washed hands, Mojo, etc etc all on those Now/Fool/LLetters/GTimes albums....plus long version of Don't think 2x. Also want to buy GGGrils, Speedway, KCousins, Roust movie outtakes plus the complete KCreole, GI Blues and BHawaii sessions....now that's creative marketing Mr Sony. Read that many fans agree with me judging from their comments hereunder. Sorry, but lousy stuff Easy Go, Raised on rock and I sing all kinds CDs.....non-commercial and lousy sellers you will see. Wish you well Ernst & Roger...but they're wrong.
Martin DJ wrote on July 11, 2007
Once again Colonel7 takes up a lot of space basically saying once again he wants every note ever sung by Elvis (re)released. Today.
RJ wrote on July 11, 2007
Colonel7: lot of words to say nothing.. About LA: looks like a quality release!
Mofoca22 wrote on July 12, 2007
i want this one who said you need apicture of elvis on the cover lol
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 12, 2007
Im just curios whats ftd got to do with this release,the only thing ftd and this release have in common are the song you can have her which should have taken from a better source for live in la book ,beisdes from that i have no idea,i like the cover art on this one!
ElvisBR wrote on July 12, 2007
Audience record
Martin DJ wrote on July 12, 2007
Give the Colonel a break, he provides comic relief. Elsewhere he demands the release of a 3 dvd-set of On Tour, with no less than 12 concerts, ha ha ha.
Tony D. wrote on July 12, 2007
"Colonel7" writes that "I sing all kinds" is "Lousy stuff"!? On what grounds do you make this statement?! Also, why is this lousy stuff when you are requesting more out-takes of "Patch it up", "I've lost you" etc from one year previous to this material. You just can't please some people. Also, the out-takes to "Roustabout", "King Creole", "Speedway" DO NOT EXIST!! AGAIN! Please try and engage your brains before posting. On the subject of this LA Forum release (which is NOT previously unreleased), can anyone tell us if the sound is REALLY improved over it's previous release which was called "Los Angeles California" on the Tiger label?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 12, 2007
Can i put my wantl ist here also,note some on the list due not contain to music,like world peace etc! by the way i love the cover! lol
rosiel wrote on July 12, 2007
Don't criticise other opinions. Just state what you think and leave it at that. Is this possible?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 13, 2007
Umm, im not sure, how about a poll on that! (joking)
BuzzingBee wrote on July 15, 2007
This should have been done by FTD, it looks awsome! It took ages to get but it's a great cd. Amazing photo's most I didn't seen before. these should have been putt into the Live in LA book , would have been an absolute great addition. Great to hear everything they didn't leave out a note. I finally understand everything and Have to admitt the sound is better . "You can have her" is indeed better sounding than the FTD release. this has WINNER written allover it. You'll get my point when you have it.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 15, 2007
The ftd book live in la sells for over $100 at alot of online shops,what a joke,to think ftd ftd couldnt come up with a better source for the song you can have her is amazing for a collectors label,get this cd instead!