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Unreleased Track Time Book

July 07, 2007 | Book
According to a posting on the FECC forum the unreleased bonus track on the CD that comes with the LIFE book "Remembering Elvis - 30 years Later" is an unreleased version of "Girl Of My Best Friend". The other tracks on the bonus CD are:

That's All Right (Mama)
Heartbreak Hotel
Jailhouse Rock
Viva Las Vegas
If I Can Dream
Burning Love
Moody Blue
Girl Of My Best Friend (Previously Unreleased Version)
Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum

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Mofoca22 wrote on July 07, 2007
can someone email me to tell me when that comes out and where its at? i may get that for myself for my birthday lol
Tony D. wrote on July 08, 2007
I would imagine the 'unreleased track' is a take from the FTD "Elvis is back" special edition set!
Getlow wrote on July 09, 2007
If so then it's not unrealsed Tony!
Theo wrote on July 09, 2007
The FTD 'Elvis Is Back' featured takes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 & 10 (the master) of The Girl Of My Best Friend. So, RCA/BMG might still have a nice complete alternate take... I wonder which take it is, but I probably won't buy the magazine for just one outtake.
Theo wrote on July 09, 2007
Getlow, RCA/BMG have put out cd's before with so called "previously unreleased" tracks, which were available on FTD. 'Love Elvis' is just one recent example.
Steve V wrote on July 09, 2007
One of several reasons I booght the Elvis IS Back FTD was to get all the sessions outtakes in one package. I hate to think they 'forgot' one!
Bill (BW) wrote on July 09, 2007
The "unreleased" track of "Girl Of My Best Friend" on the LIFE CD is, in fact, take 3, which was previously released on the FTD sets, "Fame and Fortune" and "Elvis Is Back." Apparently, BMG isn't aware that the FTD label exists? At any rate, unless the track was released on the "main" label, BMG considers it to be "unreleased."
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 10, 2007
Well if they think that then there not too bright,of course lack of smarts and being sneaky are nothing new for them!
theoldscudder wrote on July 16, 2007
Heh, Heh. In a way I have to hand it to the greedy bastar_s. They certaintly know their marketing base. Release a bunch of meaningless outakes, but hold one (which is convenently found)....give me a break. The boobs will lap the book up for one more redundant track. Good for Theo who's not getting suckered into surrendering his hard earned money to these theives. Shame on the rest of you suckers! Hey I have an audence recording of the King sneezing at the Nassau Col. Anyone interested in buying it? Ever wonder how ,when, were, & why these tracks are found. Bet their marketing dept. has figured out the live expectancy of the fools that keep buying this & have will SOMEHOW find unreleasde outakes in the future to feed off your blood They are Vampires! Why don't you get it. By the way I think Jennifer Jones was the best looking women that ever lived. PS Steve V watch your spelling.
Steve V wrote on July 17, 2007
thanks old scudder - i'll make sure to point out your bad grammar next time. By the way, I saw this book over the weekend at Borders. I only noticed 2 unreleased photos at the end of the book. Not worth the $$ is you have the prior ones.