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Phonecasting Launches Elvis Program

July 04, 2007 | Other
Phonecasting.com, an online network that allows users to create and share "phonecasts", is partnering with Elvis Presley's original drummer, D.J. Fontana, for a continuing phonecasting program about his life and career with Elvis. The show can be accessed through the Phonecasting web site, played on wireless phones or played on MP3 players.

The show, entitled "We're Talkin' Elvis", will feature Fontana, legendary Memphis disc jockey George Klein as well as another member of Presley's inner circle. The broadcasts are created by calling a designated number, punching in a code and talking. Michael Sharp, founder and CEO of Phonecasting, says the company was happy to do the Elvis show. "We are thrilled to offer the world the opportunity to listen to and share Mr. Fontana's life story with phonecasting audiences everywhere," Sharp says