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Meet And Greet With Some Of Elvis Friends

July 07, 2007 | Other
Essential Elvis will hold a meet and greet at Vernon Presley's house on Nolan Drive (beside Graceland) on August 15th at 6.PM. With the exclusive appearances of Billy & Jo Smith, Mary & Patsy Lacker, George Nichopoulos, Jeanne Lemay Dumas and Susan Henning.

For more information you can go to our event section.
Source:Essential Elvis

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Mofoca22 wrote on July 07, 2007
ooh great dr. nick the one who helped put elvis in the ground is gonna be there jeesh if that isnt dumb i dont know what is.
old shep wrote on July 08, 2007
Obviously Nick is in to alternative medicine, there's one quack and a few leeches
Jerome wrote on July 08, 2007
Susan Henning is nice to meet, although she must be an old granny by now..
stanton wrote on July 08, 2007
Dr. Nick is the best friend of the whole bunch around Elvis...even considered himself doctor. In the Middle Age era he would have been burned with his witch collegues; in our modern rotten world he is a VIP. Incredible how society changes thru the centuries.
Ruthie wrote on July 09, 2007
I cant understand why he is still referred to as "Dr." That's a title reserved for physicians practicing medicine or retired physicians who still have a license. He doesnt fit either category. I'd rather get ready for the vigil.
Getlow wrote on July 09, 2007
Each time I've been to Vernon's house it's been free so I am not paying Hearn $40. I've no doubt they will be around other parts of town anyway.
angora99 wrote on July 09, 2007
August 15th is the time we honor Elvis with the candlelight vigil so why would we want to see Dr Nick and be reminded of how he over prescribed pills and looked the other way just so he could be friends with Elvis? I toured Vernons when it was free and got to meet Larry Geller when Jordan opened the house so Im sure as h*ll not paying 40 dollars to line someones pockets.
CD King wrote on July 09, 2007
Pay $40 to meet these so called "close" friends, what a joke.The biggest joke is the "Doctor" ha,ha,ha
Devon wrote on July 10, 2007
Why meet the man that helped Elvis to lose his life, ya fat chance id do that!!!
thefunkyangel wrote on July 12, 2007
Ask Dr (needle) Nick for a 'script and say ' .. I need `em man!'