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Meditation Garden Cam

July 06, 2007 | Other
EPE have announced that they will be adding a new web-cam aimed at the meditation garden for insiders only. The new camera is expected to be online for paying members in time for Elvis Week. Meditation garden webcam will be similar to the Graceland cam and the cam looking through Elvis bedroom window.
Source:The Elvis Express
Colonel wrote on July 06, 2007
Wait, isn't Elvis buried in the Meditation garden ? How sick must someone be to put a webcam there? On the other hand, it was to be expected
CEP wrote on July 06, 2007
I have no problem with that - why would it be 'sick'Colonel?
jessy wrote on July 06, 2007
Why only for PAYING MEMBERS!? Everything we have to pay for now, why? And please let there be some privacy, why through the bedroom window, and yes EPE knows that everyone wants to see Elvis' bedroom and yes they know a lot of people are going to be a PAYING MEMBER only for this! Elvis forever!!!
Jerome wrote on July 06, 2007
for paying members? the Colonel is still alive!!
Santa Claus wrote on July 06, 2007
Why not a toilet-cam? If he's still alive he MUST appear there somewhen. EPE: I have my credit-card handy..just in case...... (lol)
Colonel wrote on July 06, 2007
CEP: I think it's sick not only to have webcams at the house to see everything. I mean, c'mon, why should I watch the house, that guy was a musician (a great one btw) and actor, nothing else. And then they put a webcam there where he is buried? Why can't that guys rest in peace? How can they sell him, even after his death, and treat him so dis-respectful? I guess they will take the hearse out someday and send it on a worldwide tour....
gary 1 wrote on July 06, 2007
The webcam shows the meditation garden from a distance you can't see the Graves.It is respectful of Elvis and his family.I was against it but having seen it it's ok.If you haven't seen it don't judge.
Colonel wrote on July 07, 2007
gary: Good, thanks for the infos. I still find it sick to showcase the privat stuff of a singer in this way. Why not just listening to the music? That's all that counts...
Devon wrote on July 08, 2007
There are some things that should be left alone and this is one of them. The resting place of Elvis and his family should be left to the fans who come to pay there respects, not on a web cam.