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Cover Art Elvis: The Blue Suede Shoes Collection

July 01, 2007 | Video
Here is the cover art of the "Elvis: The Blue Suede Shoes Collection" 11 discs set which is due for release August 13, 2007. It contains the movies:

This is Elvis (SE)
That's the Way It Is (SE)
Jailhouse Rock (SE)
Viva Las Vegas (SE)
Girl Happy
Kissin' Cousins
Stay Away, Joe
Live a Little, Love a Little
bastiaanvinke wrote on July 02, 2007
This isn't sold in the EU. Is it? I mean the box!
Carl wrote on July 02, 2007
Is Jailhouse Rock the greatest rock and roll movie ever made? Of course it is. There is a great still from the movie on this new DVD box. Jailhouse Rock is the greatest and most important rock and roll movie that has ever been made. Only A Hard Day's Night can compare to it. Who can top it? Can Albert Goldman's boy Lenny Bruce Schneider top it? What movies did Lenny make? Seems like Lenny was famous for dying in his bathroom from a drug overdose. Viva Las Vegas is another classic Elvis movie that everybody knows. It is great to see Elvis get his propers and respect as an actor. Eat your heart out, Albert.