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Can You See The King Of Rock In This Rock?

July 04, 2007 | Other
A river rock is causing quite a bit of talk in this mountain community. That is because on it there is a mark that has an uncanny resemblance to Elvis Presley. The hair, the sideburns and the collar all point to the King of Rock. LaDell Alexander was the one to find it. "I'm kind of a rock hound," she said. She bought the rock, which weighs around 23 pounds, a while back in Colorado not noticing the image it carried. "When I got home and was rinsing it off, I could see something in the rock," Alexander recounted, "And there's Elvis, plain as day, because when it's wet the black hair really stands out." Alexander and her husband, Lynn, live in Texas, but vacation in Estes Park during the summer. That is where the "Elvis Rock" resides now and has started to attract attention. George Frawley owns a bed and breakfast near the Alexanders and visited their house Tuesday to have a look. "It is the real thing!" Frawley exclaimed. "I don't want to get too excited, but this is big stuff." The Alexanders plan to put the rock on eBay and donate 10 percent of whatever they get to a charity linked to the Elvis Presley Trust.
JK wrote on July 04, 2007
Actually....I see it... hahaha. Cool!
ta2k wrote on July 04, 2007
It's very clear, Thinks like this are freaky ! TCB.
Jerome wrote on July 04, 2007
Hallelujah!! First it was Jesus in a pancake, now it's Elvis on a rock! Praise the Lord!
Martin DJ wrote on July 04, 2007
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 04, 2007
How come its always Elvis that is seen on a rock on a window etc,never one of the beatles or anyone else,ive seen clowds that look like things and maybe even rocks,theres nothing to it,i sure hope no one thinks that there is,better hope ebay dont start charging item listings by the pound! lol
Viva wrote on July 04, 2007
That's nothing, I've got a piece of shit with the image of Elvis on it. I bought it from the shops at Graceland.
Sean Ryan wrote on July 04, 2007
Viva, that is the funniest thing i have read in a long time.Brilliant ; )
Sean Ryan wrote on July 04, 2007
Viva, thats made my day, cant stop laughing. So true as well.
old shep wrote on July 05, 2007
I have a piece of rock with Blackpool written all through it.
PaulFromFrance wrote on July 05, 2007
Those people are stupid. All I see is kind of black circle, maybe made by a painter. Nothing more !
memphisblues wrote on July 05, 2007
Mmmmmmm is there a Rock Shop franchise in England. Nice one Viva, i got some of that aswell
The Memphis Flash wrote on July 05, 2007
Hey mature, if you were a rock, whose image would you want on yourself? Elvis or the Beatles? This rock has class.
old shep wrote on July 05, 2007
Not the Beatles M. Flash, they're fossils
Devon wrote on July 05, 2007
As i live and breath i am never surprized what i see about Elvis, i just know what to say about the rock, Bullsh*t!!