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Welcome Home 2DVD

June 26, 2007 | Video
Due out in the UK on 2 July 2007. Exclusive TV performances to celebrate Elvis' return home plus a DVD of Elvis in Germany.

Discs 1: Elvis stars in television's 'The Frank Sinatra Show' in which Elvis performs two songs solo and also shares a spot with Frank where they perform each others songs.. Frank with 'Love Me Tender' and Elvis 'Witchcraft'. The programme is filled out with performances from Frank's daughter Nancy, Sammy Davis Jnr, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop (Rat Packers). This show was Elvis' reintroduction following his two years away in the army.

Disc 2: An intimate and compelling look into the Elvis years that are less well documented. It deals with his draft into the army just weeks after his mother's death and details his life over the two years he spent in Germany and of how he coped along with rare interviews from friends, both from the army and from entertainment, giving their account of how he fared.
Source:Elvis Information Network
Tomek wrote on June 26, 2007
buehehe, oops did I say it loud?... NEXT
Tony D. wrote on June 27, 2007
This will be the THIRD TIME this show has been released on dvd; let's hope it's better quality than the previous 2 releases!
japio wrote on June 27, 2007
I like this one. I don´t care what the `socalled `fans said..Always give their negative opinion.So back off plz. A lot of the people could read it and don´t buy it.if you don´t like it ok.. And i have not the original but i want to have this one. And if you don´t like it ok. But buy something else ( houseshit or something,because i don´t care about your taste of music, because there´s something for everybody)
Steve V wrote on July 05, 2007
Tony Dobb - I dont think the quality will be that much better. The release that came out previously was supposedly the master copy from the Sinatra family so I doubt there is a better copy anywhere.