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The Dutch Collection

June 25, 2007 | Music
The response to vote for 'The Dutch Collection' is a huge success. In just a shot period of time thousands of people have voted for their favorite Elvis songs, through internet or with the special coupon in dutch newspaper 'The Telegraaf'. In 5 days time the site www.elvispresley.nl had over 104000 hits.

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ElFan wrote on June 25, 2007
Now if everyone that voted buys a copy of the album... A sure fire #1 hit in the Netherlands and another gold or platinum award :-)
Rob Wanders wrote on June 26, 2007
a real dillema. ofcourse the more votes the better, but also the more votes the more chance the same old songs will turn up: love me tender, jailhouse rock, hound dog etc. So there will be no difference with the standards cd's we have (big hits, number 1 hits etc). cause a lot of not really fanpeople will vote. And is that wrong? And how do you measure when "just like Elvis" ends and "being a fan" begins. And should you measure that??? A dilemma. But then again...there are more important problems in the world. I love the cover though. And I'm curiouw how the "real?" Dutch-fans voted. My list (after bringing down the list from around 30 to 5, what took me around an hour and a lot of scratching, unscratching, sighing and headshaking):Blue moon, I've lost you, You gave me a mountain, What now my love, For the heart (For me, I had to choose at least 1 song from the period 75-77).
Natha wrote on June 26, 2007
This could be a chance to focus on other songs by ELVIS. This in mind we should vote for a top 5 of earlier not selected songs in the general compilations. The choice is not optimal and more to desire, but at least it might produce a slightly different angle.