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Télérama Hors-Série Elvis

June 28, 2007 | Book
Released June 15, 2007 by the French Telerama television magazine is a special on Elvis entitled "Elvis - Dans La Pau".

This release is linked to a television special, CD and DVD releases and a rock and roll exhibition. The expo in the French Cartier Foundation (dedicated to modern art) is entitled "Rock n' Roll 1939 -1959". On display is rare memorabilia, photos, letters, original concert posters, jukeboxes, a 1953 caddy, the martin guitar Elvis used to record the sun session, Elvis Jacket from the Ed Sullivan show, and lot more of exceptional and very rare stuff.

The media coverage is heating up as the biggest and most popular French radio station RTL, has begin specials that will go on until the 16th of august. It is Elvis all the way: in the news report, and throughout the day on the RTL antenna.
Source:Telerama - Elvis Special 30th Anniversary

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ta2k wrote on June 28, 2007
Great picture of The King there ! TCB.
EPFO wrote on June 28, 2007
There're many many errors and some articles are very bad. Buy it just for the pictures and for french artist (very good) opinion about Elvis.
Viva wrote on June 29, 2007
What a great, great cover shot. Shame I can't speak or read French.
murthy wrote on June 29, 2007
I totally agree with fabrice, needed only for the pictures, bad texts, mistakes and too much errors from journalists who don"t even know who was Elvis Presley.
Arnaud Lagarde wrote on June 29, 2007
Telerama sucks . Except for the cover an amazing and never seen picture of elvis on the set of clambake, this is for leftists intellectuals only