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Warner Bros Corrected

June 21, 2007 | Video
By request of ElvisMatters, Warner Bros Holland has decided to remove the offensive pre-capmaign for the Summer DVD releases. In that campaign, Elvis was called only “the third best rock ‘n’ roll artist” in the world, with only 1.3 million records sold, and a drugs addict (“with traces of 10 different drugs in his blood, at the authopsy”). According to the Product Manager, WB has the highest respect for Elvis and the company supports the releases 100%.
elvis-finland wrote on June 21, 2007
Warner shows no respect to the King. And who can be so stupid to think Elvis would have sold only 1,3 million records, when the real number is more than 1,300 million.
boris wrote on June 21, 2007
The question is : who is behind the curtain and who's interest is it to run such a campaign against one of the most popular artists in Holland ever, not to mention Andreas Cornelius van Kuijk's conclusive influence in Elvis related business and record selling... Drug addict? Well yeah forget it...
Ruthie wrote on June 21, 2007
Remove the offensive campaign? I would think so! How can a company claim to have the highest regard for an artist then try to launch a campaign like that! Why do this when you know you are going to face an equally massive campaign against you? They certainly can't be that stupid & be in business. What hypocrisy!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 21, 2007
Someone please confirm for me that the warner bro's was behind such quotes? and warner bro's are the ones who are trying to sell the same artist dvds? I simply dont understand!
Carl wrote on June 21, 2007
Marilyn Monroe died from an overdose of drugs. On her death certificate it says she was a "suicide". She was a drug addict. Jimi Hendrix choked on his own vomit after taking an overdose of drugs, barbiturates and other hardcore drugs. Lenny Bruce died from a drug overdose with the syringe still sticking from his veins while he died naked in his bathroom. Janis Joplin died from a drug overdose and alcohol consumption. She was a hardcore drug addict and alcoholic. Keith Richards snorted cocaine with the burned ashes of his dead father recently. Now these people are the real drug addicts. But why this obsession with Elvis, who only took pain killers?
see see rider wrote on June 21, 2007
Let's ALSO not forget "Jim Morrison" who died from a drug related heart attack.
Mofoca22 wrote on June 21, 2007
warner bros. should get sued big time with a defamation of charachter lawsuit. elvis is the biggest selling performer ever. and not only that sure he did drugs "controlled substances" prescribed by doctors whom he trusted. does that make him a drug addict when you have much worse being done by singers mentions by a few of you
Steve V wrote on June 22, 2007
Wait a minute. Let me understand this. Warner Bros in an effort to sell their new Elvis product said these things as a promo campaign? Maybe they are taking too many drugs. What the heck is going on? I think the entertainment industry is now flooded with too many workers that werent alive when Elvis was.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 22, 2007
Steve thats what i was asking,never heard of someone slamming there own product!
Joe Carr wrote on June 22, 2007
Can you imagine what they would write if they didn't like the artist! Geeze, what were these guys thinking.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 22, 2007
How about we stick to the story here,and please none of the my friend was with him,he snorted this or that,its so freakin disrespectful,and no dont tell me who else did drugs,even if we dont like the artists,theres no reason to go down that road!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 23, 2007
I never said what he did or didnt do,i simply dont care,and its simply disrespectful,i know that many dont care about respect but i do,all us Elvis fans are not nieve but all of also arent here to talk about this type of thing,and i dont need all the gritty details to get the point,i catch on pretty quick,i know this ia world today that loves to read every detail good or bad abouit people,im just not one of them.and what if people do think he did no street drugs will it help anything if there told otherwise,what good does it bring? Can we enjoy anything without all the drama? By the way i dont wear blinders,but this is a hobby to me!
EspenK wrote on June 23, 2007
Slava - I share your point of view and your polite and precise way to express yourself. Thumbs up.
old shep wrote on June 23, 2007
Interesting marketing, did these guys have the account for the sinclair c5 by any chance too.
Ruthie wrote on June 23, 2007
I tried to respond to this article but my email wasn't accepted. I was only pointing out that last year at EPE Linda Thompson stated clearly that constant stories about Elvis & cocaine are not true. I would believe her over anyone else. If this email is not accepted again then I know this site is being viewed by more than "elvis fans".
old shep wrote on June 23, 2007
ok slava instead of this hostile anecdotal information name your sources.Stop hiding behind "friends"
Devon wrote on June 23, 2007
When it all said and done Elvis was only human, great singer but still only human.
Mofoca22 wrote on June 24, 2007
slava you are a fool to even mention that here. whether or not elvis did coke is not yours or anyones business. when it comes down to it elvis owed us nothing we owe him everything he basically gave up what couldve been a productive life and career in the 70's to sing the same old songs over and over again to please the fools who were stuck in the 50's and failed tos ee elvis grew up. "lord i been in a prison for something i never done" that was elvis and we all caused it back in the 70's when your bored and depressed with life odds are your gonna look for a way out. and thatw as his way. i dont blame all the fans because a lot loved his new stuff in the 70's and were greatly appauled by the other fans and tom parker for saying we dont pay you to sing the new stuff. give me a concert with nothing but new stuff anyday. you cant sing hound dog when your 40 and trying to be taken seriously especially after singing a great song like hurt or danny boy before it in concert
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 25, 2007
So if we make fun of him,people will accept him? Elvis was fat? ok and he had no right to be? its such a lack of respect,the same lack of respect that the media comedians etc throw at Elvis,im not one of those oh he was perfect,he never used a curse word gosh he was perfect types,but if someone would please tell me why i need admit Elvis was fat(such a crude word)the media music world dont like Elvis because he didnt do things the way they wanted him too, he was too nice for there taste they would rather praise the other rockers who they think were more rock and roll worthy,as for drugs,i again find nothing that i or anyone else can gain from repeating what may or may not have happen,i also dont think fans the colenel or anyone else killed Elvis,im just one of those strange people that think respect is owed to all of us humans,the reaons people like to poke fun of him have nothing to do with weight or anything else,some people just seem to think that to be rock and roll you have got be more of rebel,i find it funny and pathetic,that people like to talk about his drug problem but they have no problem with groups like the stones who have done there fair share,but wait that more rock and roll ,i guess Elvis wasnt taking enough of them,if people wont to think im strange for likeing him i assure i could not care less!
Ruthie wrote on June 26, 2007
Dear Slava, I am so sorry that most of us are less intelligent than you and still so juvenile. It must be lonely out there. When I first started reading this site, I did so because I thought it was truly a site for Elvis fans BY Elvis fans. I sure found out wrong. I was so "juvenile" to think that for once we fans could find a site where we could connect with each other about someone who obviously means a great deal to us. You are right when you say we should focus on his achievements & that's what our various clubs around the world are trying to do. That is hard to do when we are up against constant material that is not only damaging but not even accurate most of the time. I have no problem with free speech, but I do have a problem with this constant attention on everything wrong about him rather than what's important - his music. It's a constant battle so I truly hope that the young music fans we are trying to educate are much more "intelligent" than we are & pick up on what's right, not what's wrong.
Ruthie wrote on June 26, 2007
Dear Slava: I think we have come to some meeting of the minds in the fact we both agree that Elvis' achievements should be emphasized rather than his personal life. And although you will find "wierdo" fans of entertainers, other than just Elvis fans, most of the people I have met are pretty "normal". I think the point is that most of us just get so sick & tired of the constant barrage of junk being thrown at us & at others that we tend to become reactive rather than proactive. I don't think most of the young people today discovering Elvis & his music are that hung up on his personal problems, look at all the rampant drug use/alcoholism (even assaults & murder) that are part of the entertainment culture today. However, when we try to educate about Elvis with the emphasis on his music, someone/some entity has to throw in any ugly device possible to sway the interest from the music to him & his problems. As far as I know this type of treatment has never been given to other famous deceased entertainers - even Sinatra wasn't treated as badly and we all know the ton of dirt spread around about him, true or otherwise. You know as well as I do that younger people are not going to pick up a text book like "Race, Rock & Elvis" & really get an education when they can grab up junk put out by Warner Bros. & the like. It is packaged to appeal to them in the first place. I hope you can understand the frustration we feel even if you can't agree with it.
Lex wrote on June 27, 2007
In my not so humble opinion it is the (ignorant) fan that is making all the troubles. They make a fool out of themselves in their denial, it doesn't hurt Elvis at all. Most people just accept Elvis as the great entertainer he was, no matter if they like him or not. But of course it is always fun to shock the hell out of a fan whose personal pride doesn't allow to accept any negative word about his holyness. The problem I have with it is that those fans, with mostly a negative IQ - please, don't try to point out that is not possible - are regarded as the "common Elvis fan". Of course the whole imposter circus, the fans with dead doggies on their head or wearing jumpsuits do add to that. Nowadays I have more to explain about the ridiculous behaviour of some fans than about Elvis' possible shortcomings. On the campain itself... of course the sales were a sloppy job, obviously they forgot a couple of zeros. The third best r'nr artist isn't that bad... it's based upon a Rolling Stone mag poll, which we all enjoy if Elvis ends up on top. Well, and the drug addict remark... maybe that makes him "cool" for today's youth? Anyway, I think the reaction it gets underlines my opinion as stated above.
Ruthie wrote on June 27, 2007
All we are doing is agreeing to disagree. It will never end. Lex, Slava, etc. can continue to be the bright, intelligent people they are who have to continually apologize for "some" Elvis fans. Go for it. However, don't apologize for me. I will continue to educate (I am conducting a small class on the history of Elvis' music) & I will continue to point out the crassness of EPE, Warner Bros., etc. who cannot & will not let go of debasing Elvis because the profit is too great. I call things as I see them. And I have no problem dealing with an Elvis fan with bad behavior but it's not the fans who are the real problem - it's the behavior of media companies going for the big buck regardless of how tasteless it is. End of story on my part.
Lex wrote on June 27, 2007
June, in one thing you are completely right... I have no love for Elvis at all. Firstly since I'm not gay, secondly because I only am an admirer of his music.... to be frank I think I would have disliked the person pretty much would I have known him. With extravagant people I always have the feeling "act normal and you are strange enough". Who knows... he could have been the exception on the rule as we say over here in Holland. But June, be happy and think (not) whatever you want to and hide behind your flashing Elvis buttons.
Ruthie wrote on June 27, 2007
Lex, I really don't care if you are an Elvis fan or not. My question is why are you on this site? If I didn't like a particular performer, I wouldn't waste my time sending emails to the performer's fan site. I would just leave them alone. Apparently you are one of those individuals with too much time on his/her hands & nothing better to do with it. Rather than putting your time to good use you would rather harrass. If you don't like Elvis, that's fine. We don't care. But put your time to good use like possibly helping someone who needs it rather than trying to rain on the parade of people you don't even know!
Loesje wrote on June 27, 2007
Hey Ruthie, maybe because he owns it?
Lex wrote on June 27, 2007
Thanks dear, but I really don't need the help :-), certainly not against someone who doesn't know the difference between a post on a site and an email. That's the problem with fanATICs, just like their religious counterparts they loose their sence of reality. As I stated in one of my reviews the pro about Elvis Quaida members is that they are relatively harmless. I can imagine Ruthie's little Elvis class: "He looked so cute in Easy Come, Easy Go and he was still adorable in 1977, the most handsome man on the planet. Oh, and he was a fantastic singer too... he even did Old McDonald. Have you got the latest flash button and plate with Elvis yet?" Anyway, the biggest difference is that I'm behind my PC with a big smile and they are getting angrier and angrier and even have to forward this discussion to their fellow believers to show their frustration.
Steve V wrote on June 27, 2007
I tend to agree with Lex. Elvis was the greatest singer to me ever, but he was also a drug addict. Yes drug addict and it pisses me off that it cut his life short. Why do u try & hide that fact? I'm not saying exploit it like Warner Bros, but dont try & rewrite history either. Anyone who has to constantly pop pills to get up & go to sleep is an addict. And it did hurt his performaces especially in 1976-77 when it was totally out of control. Too many posts on this site say thing like 'I can just drool' when looking at the cover of the latest book or CD that it really gets to you after a while. Those folks are solely into the image & will never get past the fact that these things did happen. Even a mild book like Jerry Schilling's state these things as well as ELvis never being able to say he was sorry no matter how he hurt someone. So stop putting this human being on a pedestal. If he led a better life he'd still be with us today. Even Mick Jagger at his age today is in better shape than Elvis was at 39!
theoldscudder wrote on June 27, 2007
I haven't realy heard of the campagne. However it seems implausable that they state 1.3 million records sold. I think someone should research if that was the figure stated by WB . Maybe the above sorce has misquoted the facts. I really think everyone should lighten up on the hating. You are all going on & on. The fact is Elvis was a an increadible talent. Somewhere he lost his way. After all he was only a human being. My advise to you all is relax & put on your favorite Cd of The King & enjoy.
Ruthie wrote on June 28, 2007
Now it's become juvenile & petty. Just because you cannot & because you won't accept the fact that we can find fault with the man & still love him. We know his past, we know how he lived & what led to his death. His music is a wonderful lasting memory that we are finding it very difficult to teach & preserve because people like you & the corporate world feel the emphasis should be on all of his shortcomings rather than the music. But, by God, you very intelligent people are going to be right & the rest of us idiots are going to be wrong. You have even gone so far as to "imagine" what I must be like with that extremely childish jibberish you wrote about me. You have no idea what I'm like. There's a lot you don't know. I don't care how you feel about me or how you describe me but leave the other Elvis fans alone. You cant help it you are perfect but someday you will meet your match. In conclusion, here's a quote from that drug inducing, mere mortal of man you don't like: "Don't criticize what you don't understand, son, if you haven't walked a mile in his shoes".
Lex wrote on June 28, 2007
Not only you behave like an ostrich, but you can't read either. The whole world is recognizing Elvis more and more for his merits Since the "King Of Rock'n'Roll" boxset the public opinion obviously changed focus. The likes of you choose only to see the negative remarks, that's the difference. And oh yeah, I expected it earlier, but that quote had to come up. That's what all fanatics do if they're out of arguments (or have no arguments at all). Only fools rush in....
Ruthie wrote on June 28, 2007
My dear Lex: I know you will be disappointed to learn that this is the last remark from the fanatic ostrich. Hopefully, you find someone else to call names. You can accuse me of not being able to read, whatever, but actually you are no fun anymore. Being a part of the legal profession there is nothing I enjoy more than playing devil's advocate & bantering about a subject. But that's only productive & fun when you are dealing with someone with an open mind & no grudges. Before I move on I would like to invite you to attend one of our "sweet little classes". Adorable little Ruthie & classmates welcome your participation. However, I don't want you to be disappointed - further. You will not get to see a movie or discuss Elvis plates & memorabilia. You will not get a cute little button for a prize. All we can offer is meaningful dialogue. You will be expected to read, study & discuss. Our sessions are based on the following text: "Rock, Race & Elvis by Michael Bertram & "In Search of Elvis: Music, Race, Art, Religion by International Conference on Elvis Presley 1995 University of Mississippi. Start reading, maybe you will learn something about him & about us. You still won't like him but a little education never hurt anyone. If it wasn't for the geeks & fanatics of the world, nothing would be accomplished.
Lex wrote on June 29, 2007
Thanks, but no thanks. I know more than enough about him, and I don't wanna know about fools.
Ruthie wrote on June 29, 2007
Ego demands that he has the last word! Thanks, Lex, I am 10.00 richer because of you!
Lex wrote on June 29, 2007
You're welcome.
Loesje wrote on July 03, 2007
Idiot? Look at guideline # 4 please June.
Lex wrote on July 03, 2007
According to dictionary dot com idiot means: 1. an utterly foolish or senseless person. 2. Psychology. a person of the lowest order in a former classification of mental retardation, having a mental age of less than three years old and an intelligence quotient under 25. The first describes the namecaller herself pretty precisely. I have more sense in my little finger than she in her whole head. I can't blame her for that, so no offence taken. I guess she comes close to number 2 too. The fact that she wrote some words of more than two syllables gives me a little doubt. On the other hand... the clue behind those words, well never mind. Anyway, I'm having a lot of fun so I see no reason to give her a warning or delete her worthful contributions. Let her go on making a fool out of herself (if any further is still possible).
Ruthie wrote on July 03, 2007
For once & all, isn't everyone sick of this? It's gotten completely out of hand & that is due, I feel, to the fact that this site has been invaded by people who really don't care for Elvis & therefore doesn't care for the fans. My question is this: If you do not like Elvis, man and/or music, why are you on this site? What sense does it make to spend your time & effort with an entertainer you don't like? I began reading this site when I thought I was getting on a site specifically designed for Elvis fans by Elvis fans. Obviously, I am mistaken & disappointed. I am not implying that there can't be some interesting & educational dialogue between Elvis fans regarding album covers, music, films, etc. I was under the impression that this site was designed for just that purpose. Instead we have unkind people infiltrating this site to mouth off & then get pissed & take it as a pesonal attack then the fans get offended. Why would I get on a fan site for the Rolling Stones if I don't care for them or their music. What would be the point? I respect the right of anyone not to like Elvis but, if you don't, what is the purpose of getting on this site to harrass the fans? Possibly you are being paid by this site to stir up controversy & dissent. If that's the case then this site is off my list. Or you could be people who have nothing better to do than waste your tme on this site picking on a subject & fans who should mean nothing to you. If that's the case you need to get a life. The extent to which you have gone borders on pathological. Yes, some of the fans have been pretty ruthless in returning fire, but what do you expect? I am not going to apologize for any of them, including myself, for defending their position. This is our site, others are welcome to view, but if your purpose is to continue to harrass then you are hopeless sick & need to get off. Or explain why you feel it is so important for you to invade our space.
Loesje wrote on July 03, 2007
Our site? Our space? Come on Ruth... do YOU pay the server bills?
Ruthie wrote on July 03, 2007
Dear Loesje: Why does every statement have to be dissected? I stated from the outset of my message that I meant elvisnews.com is supposed to be a site for Elvis fans by Elvis fans. That's how it is advertised. The statement meant nothing more - chill out. As for Lex : now you are criticizing my composition & typing skills. I don't see anything from you that indicates you are a keyboard wiz or english professor. It's not an excuse but I am ususally in a hurry when I am on here & I haven't seen any messages from others that would indicate I need to be keyboard proficient in my comments. Since you take great delight in picking on people who you regard as less intelligent, I have to admit that I work primarily with youngsters with very low IQ's (through no fault of their own) so possibly some of their actions rub off. That is fine with me. I would rather spend my time with them than arguing with someone as narrow minded & nasty as you are. It is our job to protect them from the likes of you. I have many close friends & family members who are not Elvis fans but we appreciate & respect each other for the diversity & just plain fun we share. Obviously, a concept you don't understand.
Lex wrote on July 03, 2007
Ruthie, Ruthie, I wasn't even talking to you, but to your girlfriend June, who called me an idiot... And yes, I could have just pressed "delete" or give her a warning for a personal attack or even ban her from MY site... but I didn't so far. Well.. whoever fits the shoe. And yes, you're completely right, I'm not an English professor. As a matter of fact English isn't even my native language. Anyway go spend your time with those morons, we would have lesser fun, but can live with it.
Ruthie wrote on July 04, 2007
I do plan to have a lot of fun with my moron friends during EW & any other time of year. I have made wonderful friends from all over the world & I truly appreciate them. And it's gratifying to know you will be content not having me to argue with or about. I learned long ago that the best way to diffuse those seeking attention is to ignore them. Have a good life.
Steve V wrote on July 04, 2007
June Ruthie - I dont want to get into any kind of personal attacks, just trying to understand the mindset. What I want to know is how can anyone defend a person 100% of the time? Isnt this site also supposed to be about opinions? You call anyone who in the least criticizes Elvis as part of the Memphis Mafia. Thats not fair. Do you honestly believe Elvis never popped a pill, or sang a bad song, made a bad movie? Thats turning a blind eye. Were you proud of some of those movie songs? As an Elvis fan and defender in the 60's, I was not. I also dont think his versions of Hey Jude or What Id Say compares to the originals. Am I not a fan because I think that? I obviously dont drool over pictures of Elvis so I have no idea of a woman's perspective, but sometimes you come off as thats the only thing that matters. If he were alive today I wonder if youd be drooling over the latest CD covers. You see where I'm coming from?
Lex wrote on July 04, 2007
Steve I drool over pictures sometimes :-). Especially some great candids or live shots from 69/70 and I do think he has some iconic thing over him on most 50's shots. As for the music... you are completely right. June, nice key, huh, that dot... they form the better part of your contributions. Ruth, okay, you're right! I will ignore you. Have a good life too.
Steve V wrote on July 04, 2007
Yup - I agree with the iconic thing. When I was young I combed my hair like Elvis and tried to dress & act like him. I see where you are coming from. But, now, I wouldnt buy a product if I didnt care for the contents simply for the cover. Maybe younger fans do, I dont know.
Ruthie wrote on July 05, 2007
Dear Steve, I don't want to argue with you as you seem to be nicer than the others but what are you talking about when you say "mindset". Obviously, you are not READING at all what I have said in past messages. I never said the man was 100% perfect, no one is. I never ever stated that he never took a pill or did anything wrong. Only a moron would believe that or someone who's been living under a rock for 50 yrs. He was a very troubled man. He was also the first to say he wasn't a saint & didn't want people thinking that he was. And I never said everyone had to be an Elvis fan. My complaint has & always will be the fact that when I defend a cruel statement made about him in reference to an unrelated topic, I get criticized. If I am reading a review about a CD - the topic being music - someone will invariably come up with some wisecrack about his personal life that has nothing to do with the discussion of the CD. I only ask why? Read what people say. They keep saying it's all about the music, the music is the legacy, then dwell morosely on every bad habit he ever had. I read views about Rolling Stones CD but no one criticizes Keith Richards about his conduct! I am sorry, Steve, but I just don't get it. And why do opinions have to be so cruel? I don't care who likes Elvis or who doesn't but don't criticize us for being zealous in our defenses. I know of fans who take things to extreme but that's to be expected & fortunately they are not the majority. I also know (obviously from this site) people who go to extreme to try to make us look like fools criticizing everything from our keyboard skills to our intelligence. And, yes, since I am a woman I have a tendency to drool over Elvis pictures (as I do Harry Connick pictures) but so what? How does that affect anyone on this site? My mother drooled over Sinatra. My dad didn't care & neither does my husband. You had some very valid questions but, again, I never made the statements that you claim. Now, do you understand?
Steve V wrote on July 05, 2007
Ruthie - I hear ya. I read so many diff blogs guess I lumped you in with others. I do know there are people on this site, who call you a non-fan if you dislike a song, movie or whatever. Elvis would be the first to tell you his movie output mostly was terrible. I never would relate different topics however I do feel his later years performances were affected by the constant pill abuse. For this I was told I wasnt a fan or I was a Mafia fan. All the mafia and Priscilla and Linda, etc confirmed this. So why do fans turn the other cheek? I know its hard to talk about but it did happen. He's not here because of it. ANyway, Warner was wrong to exploit it. I used to feel the 1977 CBS TV Special should be released. For selfish reasons I wanted it in a deluxe DVD set. But the more I think about it, I dont know if its a good idea to have that available to the general public. It's fodder for the drug stuff to be revealed & exploited all over again.
Ruthie wrote on July 05, 2007
Steve: I am glad we agree more than disagree even though we will never entirely see eye to eye. But that's ok. As I have stated many times, my biggest complaint is that whenever Elvis is mentioned, especially on this site, it doesn't matter what the topic is about, the comments & emphasis is always on his drug use. I will never see the point in that. Many deceased entertainers were alcoholics/users (and look at what we have today!) but when their music is discussed,no one seems to go into detail about that. Elvis was a target all of his life from his early days until death. And the only way the fans can continue to emphasis his music rather than his faults is to defend, defend. Sometimes it gets ugly & that's a shame because he wouldn't want it that way. I guess it's all about devotion, at least from my standpoint. I am extremely devoted to my job, my family & my friends - and Elvis. I don't question why a person feels the way he/she does about a sport, hobby, religion, person, etc. I always have to laugh when I think about George Klein's definition of an Elvis fan & I am sure you know what that is: If you are an Elvis fan, no explanation is necessary - if you are not an Elvis fan, no explanation is possible! It's just the way it is.
Colonel7 wrote on July 05, 2007
Guys & dolls, all of you Elvis fans : I am truly sorry, but you are all going overboard! Look at the good side and respect everyone's opinion, that's the spirit (also was Elvis') Rather than bitching around, let's concentrate and ask BMG for more innovative material to be released, so many good ideas of several EP fans from all over the world and it seems that no-one is listening. We want/need to buy all remaining studio outtakes available - they have not come to the bottom yet, believe me! We need those movie outtakes of unreleased movies! If BMG puts On Tour Concerts on extended double CD plus sell it with the DVD of the Concert songs by EP on stage (no talking, interviews etc etc) sales may go thru the roof !!!