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Russian DVD Releases

June 17, 2007 | Video
Released in Russia on April 30, 2007 is the remastered single disc edition of the "'68 Comeback" Special". Released one month earlier, on March 23, 2007, is the remastered "Aloha From Hawaii" special.

The "Elvis Lives" DVD appears to have been bootlegged in Russia. Also available is a 2 DVD set entitled "The Beginning" which comes in a good looking package.
Source:Elvis In Russia
Mofoca22 wrote on June 17, 2007
wow thats awesome aloha from hawaii released in russia and american trilogy was really sung by elvis in that concert to give the communist countries of china and soviet union the finger back then. its awesome elvis is truly loved by all . its funny i even have heard people mention elvis in the middle east and other muslim nations and they love elvis to. i love it
stanton wrote on June 17, 2007
Yes, and I have heard that even in Iran he is a real prince to them....amazing but absolutely gorgeous to me.
CD King wrote on June 18, 2007
Only Elvis and Elvis alone can do it. He is truly the real King Of the Whole Wide World. Recently in Jakarta, Indonesia they had a mega Elvis Festival featuring some of the most interesting Indonesian Elviises.
Mystery Rider wrote on June 18, 2007
Anything from Russia is a Plus the king on Russian Radio could immagine that happening in 1956 Radio Free Europe
Narek wrote on June 18, 2007
Yup already got those. Except Comeback, I bought the real thing in US. As 4 the bootlegs quality is superb, packaging sucks
boris wrote on June 21, 2007
Most releases in Russia are bootlegs and the quality ranges from very poor to excellent depending on how many officials are involved with the real team... Compromise seems to be the commun language as far as business goes over there but Hey why would Elvis have to wait another 30 years to reach some of his most loyal fans despite the iron curtain? It looks like there's a huge Elvis potential set aside in Russia.