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New FTD Information Policy

June 19, 2007 | Music
The people behind the Follow That Dream label decided on a new information policy. The reason they are not giving out the actual track listings are many says Ernst Jorgensen:
1) We often make the announcements before every detail is in place;
2) We firmly believe that people understand the main logic of these records (Classic Album Series:);
3) We are not interested in the adverse comments that seem to be the order of the day. (Examples: a) why this take and not that take? b) Joe Tunzi writes this and you write something else?).

If people have doubts as to whether they want the new releases, it's best that they wait to read the reviews. On the regular FTD like "I Sing All Kind", this is such a "Special" release; this needed detailed information upfront for the fans.

On the "Sun Project", Ernst says that he wished this would become a Christmas release for 2007, but he is afraid this will not happen. There is so much work Ernst has been focussing on the last couple of weeks with the 30th Anniversary coming up and his in-house activities for SONY/BMG due to the many changes in the future for the music industry. He needs eight weeks, both days and nights, to complete this project.
Source:Ernst Jørgensen

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Bill (BW) wrote on June 18, 2007
What a childish attitude! I doubt anyone buys or not buys based on what is said on the various websites. Can you imagine buying the latest CD by "whomever" and not knowing in advance what the tracks are going to be? It's sort of a "play the game my way or I'm going to take my marbles and go home." Grow up!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 19, 2007
If he doesnt like comments on releases, takes etc,then he in the wrong business,and to be honest i dont undersntad the classic series,this is the part of ftd and the people behind that i could do without, this eho part!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 19, 2007
Should read ego!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 19, 2007
By the way i guess this is why he has not given the tracklisting for raised on rock and easy come! lol
JerryNodak wrote on June 19, 2007
Yes, I can imagine a time when you actually bought an album by an artist without knowing the tracklist beforehand. I lived through such a time. It was before the Internet. It was a simpler and in many was a better, gentler time. Right or wrong, FTD is Ernst's baby. He can make the rules. IF he ever does take his toys and goes home, FTD will go with him.
PaulFromFrance wrote on June 19, 2007
I totally agree with Ernst decision. It's boring to read fans' comments before any record is released. It's always the same stuff and I fully understand how discouraging this can be for someone puting all is heart in the FTD serie. So, keep the good job, Ernst.
PaulFromFrance wrote on June 19, 2007
And... as Jerry says: it was a time when we bought records without knowing what was in them. Elvis records, when he was alive, for example.
CEP wrote on June 19, 2007
What is coming through via the new policy is complete frustration with just how unappreciative Elvis fans are? What other major artist has a dedicated 'collectors' label like FTD ? Whinge moan complain - that is all we seem to hear from a growing number of Elvis fans - Ernst has done a magnificent job with FTD never mind his day job at Sony/BMG - honestly if you don't like what they are doing then don't buy any of it and bugger off- If i were in Ernst's shoes I'd close FTD down and significantly reduce the amount of Elvis releases or concepts - a lot of you deserve that
Hans Otto wrote on June 19, 2007
I, for one, have no problem with FTD's new information policy. If you are unsure if you want to buy the next FTD releases, then why not just wait until it is released, check out the actual content on each release, and make up your mind whatever you will purchase it or not? This should really not be a problem. (Wish all you negative, passive-aggressive whiners out there a great day and a great summer ;o)
Jerome wrote on June 19, 2007
comments on 'why this take and not that one?' can't be a reason. It's something we can't have any influence on. Personally I appreciate FTD very much and I respect there decisions. But I'm still very curious to know the tracklistings..
Steve V wrote on June 19, 2007
No big deal - I will wait for the reviews
Bill (BW) wrote on June 19, 2007
A couple more comments: First,I'm glad Ernst is taking his time with his SUN project. I'd rather he do it the way he wants it then to rush release it for the Christmas market. I AM excited about this project and can wait for it to be right! Second, it is true that when music was released on vinyl you often didn't know what the tracks before you went into the record store to buy the latest single or LP. Music was purchased in record stores in those days and you held the single or LP in your hands before you purchased it. Generally, the tracks had not been released before and were not familiar to the buyer. Today, most music is purchased on the Internet and, in my opinion, it is imperative that the track list be available sometime before the purchase date. The timing of the availability of the track list is the business of company behind the release. I stick by my opinion that Ernst should not be swayed by what some talking heads on some website have to say about his selection of tracks. I've never not purchased an Elvis' CD because somebody panned it on the Internet.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 19, 2007
Well if he no longer wants to run ftd,ill loose no sleep over it,ive never heard of such a thing were products are treated like gifts,as if there free,ftd rca sony and whoever else should be thankful theres a market for material that they would not be able to sell in stores,and since we do have the interent ,nothing wrong with oppions,lets be honest ftd is not perfect,it has it's short comings, one being no books on what are otherwise great releases,reading my comments on the latest news from madsion will show im not here to complain,just wanting a better product!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 19, 2007
William im in agreement with that,sure its great to have ftd,but people are not going to like everything, in fact every release that comes will not be liked by someone,yet ftd still goes on and makes enough money to turn out more products,if were buying every release, surely we can throw in our two words on the current and future relases,this is still a job for him which he does get payed,if elvis 30 years later still gets negative things said about him how does he think hes not going to have the same situtation? illnot buy any release without knowing its content,and as said before back then the msuic was all new for the most part except for any greatest hits type albums that might come out,this a whole differt ballgame!
Paul Reno wrote on June 20, 2007
Maybe we should just say every FTD is fantastic, no room for improvement, great artwork and the best quality we have ever heard... then give them all a pat on the back! The fans have some valid points about release takes - and some fans have heard some takes on bootlegs anyway. Constructive criticism should be encouraged, not banned! For every negative comment there are plenty to praise the releases. We live in the Internet world now, and that means letting the fans know what's on forthcoming releases.
vinylwall wrote on June 20, 2007
I dunno... Sometimes I read people's posts constantly knocking the FTD discs as they come out, and I think "you guys ought to be Beatles collectors and see what alternate products their people offer. Nothing." FTD is a fantastic idea and I completely appreciate everything they offer. No one is perfect and there will be issues with the FTD releases, but they are targeted at a specific audience... you and I... the hard core Elvis collector. If the feedback Ernst gets from us, the target audience, is largely "bitchy" and complaining, I have no doubt we will loose this resource. I would much rather give the Beatles and their widows my money for alternate material, but they don't give me the chance. Therefore, bootleggers get it. That's the Beatles' choice as far as I'm concerned. As far as Elvis FTD releases go, I am proud to send my money to FTD (and therefore payments and royalties are earned by the appropriate people) and can only send kudos and wishes for many more FTD projects and releases. Jim
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 20, 2007
But is he happy that he gets payed to release Elvis music? just as its been said he and ftd in general get plenty of praise including me when its deserved,but not releasing the cd's with booklets is a big minus for me,after all its suppose to be a collectors label,i pay $35 for each releasei get,sometimes its as though uts all or nothing with ftd,regular digi pack releases get no booklets were as classic and soundtrack albums get delux booklets,same with the 50's and 60's,they get great sound were as the 70's studio albums seem to get the quick treatment,yet i still see the same price tag as those other more well thought out releases,theres always room for improvment,just because we have it better than before doesnt mean we can have it better in the future,as long as everyone gives there oppion in a respectful way,i see nothing wrong with it,after all the sales are what keeps ftd going!
Mystery Rider wrote on June 20, 2007
Kick the music buyer in the face, and after he falls pull the wallet out of trousers, take his money then left him yell for help. By that time youve made off with his money. The Colonel Lives in another body Hurry suckers get my Junk while its hot.
Mystery Rider wrote on June 20, 2007
And once again why does anyone want all these "Alternate takes" in 95 percent of these songs you gain nothing. Save your money and buy a home and get out of that stuffy apartment, your only making these people rich, off your hard earned bucks
Steve V wrote on June 20, 2007
FTD is a good idea. Gives the Elvis fan choice. I do admit they could do more with their liner notes & packaging for the money. The classic album series gets good treatment with the booklets, but I was upset these were taken out of the mainstream catalog and replaced by compilation CDs. Can u imagine Revolver being taken out of The Beatles catalog? So I pick & choose what I want, I def do not buy everything. I will pass this one up as Raised On Rock didnt thrill me in 1973. Another lackluster 70's LP in my opinion. I certainly dont want outtakes when in the master takes he sounds half asleep esp on Three Corn Patches. Could have been a much better album if he recorded it in 1970 instead.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 20, 2007
Agree with that,although i kinda like the raised on rock cd,but the sound will not be better on anything put out by ftd,i have japan cd's,im glad to have new releases,but i will be mnore choosy and i agree about the originals not being on the main label!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 22, 2007
Last thought for now on this subject,i always thought you were thankful to have buyers,ive never heard of buyers being told they need to behave and be good, which is pretty much what all this means,with the prices for these releases and the fact that many great releases with great material have no booklets,not too mention that every one has there oppions and views,to tell buyers and fans who you claim to think so highly of that im not going to give you info anymore is a bad way to act not too mention bad way to handle business,and to see the viva las vegas release on the main label causeing people confusion, because the news is unclear,is also silly and a insult to fans(people who spend there hard earned money)asnd it proves that message boards are read and that it does matter,again if you think everyone will agree on any product you release your lviing in a fairytale world and ego does seem to come into play,i like some of the ftd releases,but ftd and everything it seems Elvis needs some revamping!