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Kicking And Rolling

By ElvisNews.com / Kees, June 23, 2007 | Music
After "Chaos In The Park" the Straight Arrow label releases a concert with chaos on the stage.


The designer from the Straight Arrow releases knows his craft; bringing us a stylish modern looking designs with a classic touch. As we became to expect from the Straight Arrow, the liner notes are well researched and place the concert in an historic perspective on both Elvis private life (divorce from Priscilla) and his career (caged back in Vegas just after his career highlight, “Aloha From Hawaii”).


This escape from Straight Arrow contains Elvis’ midnight show as recorded from a booth on February 18, 1973 in Las Vegas. Including the bonus material the running time is 64 minutes. A so-called booth recording was made by someone who probably had “friends” in Elvis’ entourage, and therefore didn’t have to worry about hiding the microphone. Resulting in a pretty fresh and good sounding recording.

If you know the “Aloha” show you pretty much know what to expect. Especially the big show stoppers like “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me”, “Steamroller” and the dramatically “You Gave Me A Mountain” and “What Now My Love” stand out from the rest. James Burton does his thing on “Johnny B Goode” which is, together with “Suspicious Minds” one of the up-tempo highlights. The bonus material contains a handful of songs from later the same week. The “talking” version of “What Now My Love” is not as good as other “talking” versions I’ve heard, Elvis is too lose from the band.

The title of this release captures one of the highlights – if you can call it that -of this release “Elvis kicking an attacker from the stage”. After “Suspicious Minds” Elvis is attacked on the podium by four men, probably showing off for their girlfriends”. Elvis takes charge and kicks one of them from the stage using his karate knowledge while his entourage takes care of the other three “attackers”. I can only listen to it, but can’t make up my mind how big the rumble on stage was. I think I hear someone from the audience scream “kill him” but on the other hand, the band just keeps playing a background tune … very strange. When Elvis picks up the show and apologizes to the audience (“for not breaking his goddamned neck!”) he finishes the show pretty much like nothing had happened with "Can't Help Falling In Love" (although probably not sung to one of his "attackers").


An attractive package in good audio quality with a special show. Not too special for the set–list performances as for the “attack” on our man.

Track listing:

01. Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme from "2001 A Space Odyssey") - 02. Opening Vamp / C. C. Rider - 03. I Got A Woman / Amen (medley) / Big Boss Man (one line) - 04. Love Me Tender - 05. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - 06. Steamroller Blues - 07. You Gave Me A Mountain (with reprise) - 08. Fever - 09. Love Me - 10. Blue Suede Shoes - 11. Johnny B. Goode - 12. Hound Dog (slow & fast) - 13. What Now My Love - 14. Suspicious Minds - 15. Instrumental Intermezzo / Elvis attacked on stage - 16. I Can't Stop Loving You - 17. An American Trilogy - 18. Can't Help Falling In Love - 19. Closing Vamp.

Special bonus:

20. * C. C. Rider - 21. Steamroller Blues - 22. You Gave Me A Mountain - 23. Fever - 24. * What Now My Love (with reprise).
2kisses&3scarfs wrote on June 23, 2007
I was there in the audience at this show, when this all happened. I was maybe 25 feet away. It was incredible to see the "attack"- very frightening! I've been waiting a long time for this CD to be released. It's a very enjoyable show besides! Too bad that FTD didn't release this as a soundboard recording.
Mofoca22 wrote on June 23, 2007
lol! i want that cd. i always find elvis concerts where hes strung out or kicking someones butt more entertaining than the rest of his concerts after the aloha concert. its sad to say thats the only rarity that was given in his concerts towards the end.
Ciscoking wrote on June 25, 2007
The fight scene makes this show to something special..yes. You have to have it!! Besides, the Straight Arrow label stands for qulity.
You Dont Know Me wrote on June 26, 2007
This is without doubt the BEST sounding audio AND booklet combined release (TO DATE)from this infamous show on 18.2.73 M/S.....whilst the 'bonus' tracks are a 'mixed bunch' i really do enjoy the kind of stereo miked recordings presented here like Steamroller & mountain in such intimate sounding format...all goes to show that for FANS present they STILL got to Enjoy Elvis looking pretty 'good' and (mostly) sounding GOOD as well....look forward to any more future 'Booth' recorded Las Vegas shows, as INDEED they are a VERY enjoyable listening and overall pleasure to have this experience from the 'straight arrow' label!
Greg Nolan wrote on June 28, 2007
"2Kisses": You were there that night? How cool! Tell us more! You definitely need this new winner from Straight Arrow, one of the best import labels going! Mofoca: you exaggerate about Elvis' shows after "Aloha." I know what you mean, but there are still plenty of decent shows that don't have a weird angle like this one. Take any of the late December '76 shows alone, as well as the better '75 shows, just off the top of my head. Also about this show, he's battling the flu, as I recall, but shows how to do more with less on song after song. Some of the spoken word versions are a bit weird, but intersting just the same. Folks, Straight Arrow has hit its target once again with, as was said, a deluxe booklet and respectable sounding documentation of one of his most unusual shows! Buy with confidence!