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Jordanaires On Robert Gordon's Elvis CD

June 20, 2007 | Music
Robert Gordon, known from the Rockabilly song 'Red Hot' has recorded with guitar player Chris Spedding (Roxy Music) and Elvis' own Jordanaires a CD with the title 'It's Now Or Never'. The disc contains 15 known and not so well known Elvis songs. The release is set for July 31, 2007.
Colonel wrote on June 20, 2007
Wait a minute.... Robert Gordon... Wasn't "Red Hot" done by Billy Lee Riley and the original by Billy Emerson? Both on Sun... Or is this another song with the same name?
Steve V wrote on June 20, 2007
Robert Gordon revived it in the 80's among other classics. He's good! I have all his LPs. Better singer than Shaky.
Mystery Rider wrote on June 20, 2007
robert did good he brought the song into a new light, and gave us stero, listen to it then buy it. also a classic was Rock-a-billy Boggie the Burnett trio song again into a new light.
Harvey Alexander wrote on June 20, 2007
Dear Mystery Rider, What country do you come from? Or perhaps you were drunk when you posted? Or perhaps you learned English from reading 'Elvis Monthly'? (Or how I miss The Phantom...but that will all change when I get the sights fxed on my rifle.) Anyway, the words your mangled in your post are: STEREO / ROCKBILLY BOOGIE / BURNETTE TRIO. Robert Gordon is an immense talent and Chris Spedding an awesome guitarist. Don't know why the news story here listed him as a member of Roxy Music - he isn't. He has played with the group and also works on some of Bryan Ferry's solo projects. But he's always worked with lots of different people and records as a solo act. He had a big hit in 1975 with 'Motor Bikin''. I can't wait to hear this new album. I just know it's gonna rock!
CD King wrote on June 20, 2007
Robert Godon is an excellent "Elvisy" Singer. I'm looking forward to this album.
ElvisBizz wrote on June 20, 2007
They recorded the album in Nashville last November, following Robert & Chris reunion tour (September 2006), after 13 years of separate work. I absolutely agree about the great talent of Mr. Gordon and, in my opinion, Robert & Chris are a fantastic combination. You can watch clips from recent shows looking for 'The Fool Robert Gordon' in YOUTUBE.
Mystery Rider wrote on June 25, 2007
to Harvey...All i said was he (Robert Gordon) brought these songs Red Hot Billy Riley's verson updated and Rock-a-billy Boggie by Johnny Burnett Trio and they were done over by Robert Gordon in a new light and in Stereo and people should buy it. And if i managed to mangle a word or two forgive me after all, not all of us are as smart as Harvey Alexander.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on June 26, 2007
Harvey, we dont see anything wrong with what the mystery rider wrote on June 20th, maybe its that name Harvey most people laugh when they hear it.