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Different Cover Blue Suede Movie Box

June 17, 2007 | Video
Here is a different cover of the Paramount "Blue Suede" box set containing the eight movies "King Creole", "G.I. Blues", "Blue Hawaii", "Roustabout", "Girls! Girls! Girls!", "Fun In Acapulco", "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" and "Easy Come, Easy Go".

This set is due for release August 7, 2008.
hankfnsw wrote on June 17, 2007
Please someone at Paramount to do a better cover for this box set. How can it compete with other top notch dvd box sets. Be creative like the Elvis Ed sullivan box set.
Palle wrote on June 17, 2007
So, yet another re-re-re-release on the 35th anniversary, eh Paramount?? Darn re-releases, or should I say, just new dvd covers every couple of years or so
Jerome wrote on June 17, 2007
what a cheap cover. This kind of cover can be made within a couple of minutes. Lights! Camera! Elvis! No Inspiration!
Mofoca22 wrote on June 17, 2007
ill stick with my video collection and pray my vcr dont die someday and ill get a few dvds on occassion emaning ill only buy stuff like thats the way it is, on tour, this is elvis, jailhouse rock, viva las vegas love me tender, oooh but wait i already have them all except 2 whats the point of buying them again with differenet special features? the special features suck we already know the damn trailers we seen them a thousand times. they gotta market him better send something thatll blow everyone away like they did with american idol, the comeback and aloha dvd releseases, a little less conversation remix and rubberneckin, elvis 30 number 1 hits, second to none, elvis live in las vegas, today ,tomorrow and forever, and close up. why cant we get them releases anymore should get at least one box set once a year with a lot of outtakes of songs or songs we never would hear otherwise
Carl wrote on June 18, 2007
I think it works in an understated way. Just the name is enough. It is great that these movies are coming out in this new format. I was thinking about Albert Goldman and how he must be turning over in hell. I hope Goldman rots in hell. Well, Alberto, seems like somebody was wrong about Elvis. While you rot in hell, Elvis is enjoying a massive revival. American Idol even brought Elvis back to life again. You would have loved that, Al. Too bad no one remembers you while you rot in hell. Boy what a belly laugh. I am about to burst a gut. Ha ha ha . Goldman. A messed up moron who praised that dead drug addict with the needle sticking out of his arm as he lies in the bathroom, dead and naked. Dead Lenny Bruce Schneider. How many DVDs has the dead druggy Lenny sold? What a laugh. Lenny is burning in hell with Alberto, both no talent idiots. Goldman, I hope you stay dead in hell for all time. In the meantime, I think I will purchase the new Elvis DVD box.