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5.000 Dollar For Email Address

June 18, 2007 | Other
The owner of the email address elvispresley@hotmail.com is putting his address for sale. Bids begin at 5.000 $US. Interested? Feel free to mail to... elvispresley@hotmail.com. The best of luck!
elvis-finland wrote on June 19, 2007
Stupiest idea I've heard in ages.
Jerome wrote on June 19, 2007
another Sign of the Times.. the end must be near with things like this happening
FJE wrote on June 19, 2007
I have elvisATheaven.com for sale! $1,000,000 will secure. Anyone interested?!
elvis4life wrote on June 19, 2007
Duh Hey Beavis, Heh, Heh, I thought Hotmail was a FREE account, Heh, Heh. You're right Butt-Head, Heh, Heh, who'd be dumb enough to bid on a FREE account? Heh, Heh.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 19, 2007
You might be surprised,i see people every day bidding on cd's that are aviable from every online music store, and they pay 3 times what the cd's sell for at those online shops, people seem to love throwing money away!
Mystery Rider wrote on June 25, 2007
Must be some long distance relative of that illegal alien Col. Tom Parker. the name elvis always get him at least 50%