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Russian Re-releases

June 16, 2007 | Music
With the Elvis Summer ahead, it’s obvious that Elvis sales will be at an all time high again. Even Russia is ready for the Elvis hype. Several stores in Moscow offer a variety of re-released CD’s. But, as is usually the case in Russia, it’s hard to tell the official releases apart from the bootlegged copies. A hologram-like BMG sticker used to tell the difference, but these stickers too have been copied. Among the special re-releases we picked up, are “Love, Elvis” (with an alternative take for ‘For The Good Times’) and this one: “Elvis Presley – Special Russian Version”. This CD contains the original 12 tracks, plus 6 bonus tracks, but no alternate takes
Iron Man wrote on June 16, 2007
This CDs are available for about two years now in the shops here in Moscow. There is a also a Russian edition of the 50-th anniversary DVD, will try to post the cover if I get to buy it.
Mofoca22 wrote on June 16, 2007
this is pretty exciting to see i wish epe , and sony-bmg would see the potential and actually give us fans and elvis what we desereve something new well not so new but you all know what i mean. if they dont do it for august well at least do it for x-mas
Jerome wrote on June 16, 2007
I lately went to Russia and bought 30 albums for almost nothing. Couldn't tell if they were copied or not. Russia, Í'm proud of you!
Greg Nolan wrote on June 17, 2007
Looks a lot like a straight knock-off of BMG's 1999 and 2005 re-reissues of "Elvis Presley," the latter of which was remastered by Kevan Budd and with those bonus tracks moved to the end of the CD. If someone's in Russia, fine, but few else should find this of interest beyond pure ossessive collecting.
Iron Man wrote on June 17, 2007
BTW, other titles, released officially in Russia under the Russian BMG department are: 30 #1 Hits (released in 2002), 2nd to None (released in 2003) , Elvis at Sun (released on July 26, 2004), Christmas Peace (released November 22, 2004), plus single DVDs 68' comeback special (released on April 30 this year) and Aloha From Hawaii (released on April 23). Actually, I haven't seen the last two titles for sale yet, but they are mentioned on the Russian BMG website. All the CDs have this "Special Russian Version" logo.
Narek wrote on June 17, 2007
I got Elvis Presley album last year I think. Very good sound. Jerome all you bought for 3 bucks are of course bootlegs. Personally I don't care as long as they sound right.
Iron Man wrote on June 17, 2007
But the price of these official Russian CDs ain't high as well - it's in the range of 200-300 rubles (7-11 bucks), depending on where you find it.