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Elvis: The Miniseries DVD Reissue

June 10, 2007 | Video
Starz Home Entertainment (formerly Anchor Bay) has announced the August 14th release of "Elvis: The Miniseries" on DVD. The feature is 173 minutes long, and presented in anamorphic widescreen. For those of you with a home theater setup, there is a Dolby 5.1 Surround track, but if you don't have that yet then there's also a Dolby 2.0 Stereo track as well. And if you can't use either one, then you'll be happy to know that this release is closed captioned for the hearing impaired. Look for Deleted Scenes as a nice extra.


Before he took on the role of "King Henry VIII" in Showtime's "The Tudors", Jonathan Rhys Meyers played a King of a different sort in the CBS-aired "Elvis: The Miniseries". Hundreds of Elvis fans and impersonators tried out for the lead role in this Golden-Globe-winning (and Emmy-nominated) 2005 production, but even though he wasn't in the audition line, Rhys Meyers was given the job in what many people feel is the best version of the life story of The King of Rock 'N' Roll.

Randy Quaid ("Christmas Vacation", "Independence Day") played Colonel Tom Parker, Antonia Bernath ("Holby City") played Priscilla Presley, Robert Patrick ("Terminator 2: Judgment Day", "The X-Files") and Camryn Manheim ("The Practice", "Ghost Whisperer") played parents Vernon and Gladys Presley, and Rose McGowan ("Charmed, Grindhouse") played Ann-Margret.
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Colonel wrote on June 10, 2007
I like this movie very much, but Jonathan Rhyes-Meyers (or aht his name is) is terrible as Elvis. He just.... sucks ! Do we know what the deleted scenes will be? And why are they not on the first version? Would've loved to see some of 'em, as I won't buy this again
Dixieland Rocks wrote on June 10, 2007
Does any one know what region this will play in?
CD King wrote on June 10, 2007
They're disguising this piece of crabsheet in a new cover art. Do not be deceive. Don't waste time with this DVD. Save your hard earned money and buy the EPE "Elvis Lives" Concert instead.
JerryNodak wrote on June 10, 2007
Does anyone know if Elvis:The Movie starring Kurt Russell is available on DVD? That I'd be interested in purchasing. However I have no interest is this ---- starring Jonathan what's his name.
My boy, my boy wrote on June 10, 2007
Please, tell me it`s a nightmare...and that I will exit it soon...geez, this miniseries ain`t worth a damn...Jonathan`s play is the most embarrassing thing I`ve ever seen...whatever !
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 10, 2007
So far Elvis the movie with kurt russell has not been put on dvd!
Dixieland Rock wrote on June 10, 2007
I tried watching this mini series but I couldn't take the bad acting and the wrong "actor" to play the part. I finally cut if off after a few minutes the acting was so bad. This mini series was as embarrassing as "Elvis & the Beauty Queen" & "Elvis & The Coloniel". Kurt Russell & Michael St Gerard are the only two so far that I could watch as far as actors portraying Elvis in a film or TV series. I'll pass on this mini series. I need my money for more important things.
sal05 wrote on June 10, 2007
Interesting how with all the Hoolywood movie magic and make up etc..we still have to see a proper impersonation of Elvis. The Elvis CBS miniseries sucked and the actor that played Elvis (although I like his other works) was able to only give a mediocre interpretation of Elvis. For the early years, I still think that the Elvis series from 1990 with Michael St. Gerard in the role of E is still the best we have around altough it's tough to catch these 10 episodes on ebay. Donnie Johnson wasn't as good either in Elvis and the Beauty Queen..seriously, there are Elvis impersonators that look better than that.....has anyone seen Trent Carlini? He performs at the LV Hilton on the same stage Elvis used to perform. I swear that guy has had plastic surgery done...he pulls off a really decent show in great singing voice as well.
stanton wrote on June 10, 2007
I´ve seen the dvd...I should say I borrowed it and I let it run thru forwarded on my player, because of what I `ve seen I cannot understand what was supposed to be so great about it; to me, it is just another product that could have been left out and the money could have been used for something Elvis would have appreciated. What this picture is trying to express you don`t find out to the very end; either it was made to show what an awful hard time "princess" Priscilla had being brought over from being just an airforce brad and being transformed in a spoilt unsatisfied lolita or whether it is supposed to show how hard it was for Elvis to deal with the horrible truth of loosing his mother at a moment in life he needed her the most??? Or is it just a commercial for the pharma industry? Whatever it may be - it is trash and I have no room for trash in my Elvis shelves.
Steve V wrote on June 10, 2007
I have never liked any so called Elvis movie or TV show. Even Kurt Russell (altho the best one) portrayed Elvis as too brooding & unhappy. Made him looked so depressed all the time. And the music wasnt close to the original. All the others have really bad acting , and or music and fabricated plot lines. I will only watch the real Elvis on DVD.
FLASHBOY wrote on June 11, 2007
This miniseries sucks big time! I dont like the actor who play Elvis i watch that once and let me tell you something i never will watch it again. The scene where If i can dream is playing is just horrible the way he move with it make me sick it just dont fit at all. The best Elvis on tv was the one with Kurt Russell IN 1979 we are in 2007 and its not on DVD its a real shame!
ranskal wrote on June 11, 2007
I caught the tail end of the show today...it's been on Showtime the past month and I do have to say that the guy that played Elvis definitely shouldn't have. As someone else posted the If I Can Dream sequence is horrific. I can't stand to see him try to curl his lip by raising one side of his mouth and shifting his chin to the other side...terrible!!! I do have one question though...does anyone know if Elvis actually "fired" the colonel during the Comeback taping as dipicted in the miniseries? It happens fast on the show but they make it look like Elvis gives up the idea really easily...just curious.
Ruthie wrote on June 11, 2007
I can't believe they think they will make money on this junk. It's worse than junk. It has been the worst portrayal of Elvis EVER & the story was beyond lame as well as not accurate. The ony decent acting was done by Quaid who played the Colonel. Everyone else in the movie was portrayed as either depressed, idiotic & sex starved. Rhyes-Meyers is a pompous jerk who publicly made horrible statements about Elvis when he was being honored for his "role". After his agent received thousands of letters in protest for his conduct & with no apology to this date, I can't believe they think they are going to make a lot of money on this crap. I can believe the conceit but it's hard to believe the stupidity.
Ruthie wrote on June 11, 2007
P.S. TO Ranskal: In answer to your question, I just reviewed Jerry Schilling's book (one of the few who can be trusted) & also Elvis: Day by Day by Ernst Jorgensen & Peter Guralnik as well as Elvis: The Man & His Music also by Ernst & Guralnik. I wanted to make sure my memory is correct. All above sources state that during the filming of the '68 Special that Elvis & the Colonel did have more than one argument about how the show was being presented. This was not unusual during their relationship. Elvis was often known to fire & rehire in the same day! Elvis actually did fire the colonel at one point but it was after the 68 Special. It didn't last long, especially after the Colonel sent his bill for One Million Dollars he claimed Elvis owed him. Vernon panicked & that was the end of that story. This is just one of the many inaccuracies about that film.
ext_mnx wrote on June 11, 2007
And this guy Jonathan said to the public that Elvis Presley was gay how to made public his hate toward Elvis Presley by this well known and polemic words. Thank Goodness he in abril he become an alcoholic and Checked Into Rehab in TUESDAY APRIL 24, 2007 01:00 AM EDT. I read in the first miniserie DVD that this guy could be the star of this (mediocre program that had a mediocre argument) thanks to lisa who told how she wants in the tv program.
Viva wrote on June 11, 2007
elvis197475 wrote on June 12, 2007
worst elvis i have ever seen.i think he might be gay
Harvey Alexander wrote on June 12, 2007
Yes, he's a fag. I know because a mate of mine had him. Said he was crap, too. Just as crap, in fact, as this movie. Whay are you even talking about it? Buy 'Tupelo's Own' instead - THE REAL ELVS!
Steve V wrote on June 12, 2007
And to think Priscilla and Lisa endorsed this pirece of garbage.
Ruthie wrote on June 12, 2007
Yes, Steve, it certainly is garbage but I don't think Priscilla & Lisa endorsed it as much as they just cooperated & let it happen. During an interview with Jack Soden, he stated that when any movie, book or project concerning Elvis comes out that is not exactly accurate or flattering, they bring more attention to it by opposing it or being openly critical of it. Soden pointed out that it's a free country & they have very little control over these matters. I mean rags like Inquirer,etc are good examples. You could spend a lifetime fighting that & only bring more attention to yourself. It would be an ongoing battle to oppose or criticize every book that came out so occasionally Lisa or Priscilla or both will endorse one over the other but it doesn't happen often. I met Lisa on a couple occasions & I can definitely state that she is not happy with most of the films, books, etc. about Elvis but there is not much she can do. She did, in fact, state on the Oprah show that she did not like this particular film although she would not, professionally, criticize another actor's performance. Then this poor excuse of an actor & man turns around & trashes her Dad while receiving his "award".
ext_mnx wrote on June 12, 2007
Please, read in the oficial DVD of 2005 and in official sites about DVD: "With the co-operation of Lisa Marie Presley and the Elvis Presley estate.." And if lisa do not have anything with the company why she did not sued them. I do not want only complaint ...or she is a lying. little control? please remember the book Child Bride book and his author in the trial. And why she never said anything about this garbage of actor.
Harvey Alexander wrote on June 12, 2007
The $Estate$ - and that includes Priscilla the Boxtox Queen and Pottymouth Lisa Marie - will do ANYTHING for money. This load of pony is a perfect case in point.
stanton wrote on June 12, 2007
I agree with all of you; why did Lisa and Priscilla allow this stupid series, I wonder? Maybe they thought it`ll turn out different, though. Some times things are being turned around and all of a sudden are the opposite of what was promised. I can`t believe they would think this acting, this documentary does any good to Elvis; they ain`t blind. About the alcohol problem of Jonathan: he must have been drunk all the time while on the set, too, ever since you don`t turn into an alcoholic within a year or two; that takes "practise" for quiet a while...even worse. Talks about Elvis as gay while dedicating himself to Johnny (Walker).....tztztztz
Sean Ryan wrote on June 12, 2007
Well if you noticed that on the Oprah show when Lisa was showing Oprah round Graceland, it wasnt Lisa explaining what happened here and there but a worker from Graceland who obviously was telling Lisa some things as well cause she didnt seem to have a clue.
gary 1 wrote on June 12, 2007
Sean, what you have to remember is Lisa was only a child when Elvis died.So can you imagine the things that would be said if she got things wrong.
ext_mnx wrote on June 13, 2007
"many people feel is the best version of the life story of The King of Rock 'N' Roll." ...make me laugh I always imagine that Lisa will never say but only foolish like her threaten to those who did not believe in her marriage to michael jackson “eat them”. This woman is almost forty years old has spent thirty years (30 years after Elvis Presley was dead) for to said nothing and show only trivialities and with her mother allow foolish about Elvis Presley for money and only money thanks to the Elvis fans so credulos. This lady of almost 40 years-old never will going to work or say something little interesting, I have the hopes that the fans who to the following tributes to Elvis closed doors in the nose of lisa and his mother. Because Elvis Presley really was a hard-working and never live on somebody. One reporter ask to a boss of money magazine about who made Elvis Presley. The boss of the magazone answer within laughs that Elvis Presley do not need nobady for to produce money. Whenever they say, made or show something ugly about Elvis Presley like this video of Jonathan, it seems to me that the innocent is Elvis presley and the guilty are others because is not possible that this video (and other items) shows that all are innocent doves and Elvis Presley a diabolic oand infantile being. Since I see that lisa who says that while their friends grow she is in her 12 years-old or less and her mother says that their grandsons nurse her lisa. Who is the infantile?