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Star Wars Stamp Set To Eclipse Elvis Stamp?

May 30, 2007 | Other
The US Postal Service is bracing itself for an intergalactic attack. The Star Wars stamp has been released. Several observers predict that based on pre-release interest it could outstrip the Elvis stamp (which has sold around 517 million stamps). A print run of 450 million Star Wars stamps has been (so far) commissioned. Let's hope the "force" remains with the King!
Source:Elvis Information Network
get real wrote on May 31, 2007
hmm,, if i had to put money on it,,,, id say Star Wars will sell more than the Elvis stamp. Id say that would be a pretty good bet. Ok, now lets see if i loose all my money.
Nimy wrote on May 31, 2007
If STAR WARS Stamp has beenrekeased 20 years ago, it's OK. But now the magic is gone, the KING is always in our soul...Long live ELVIS.
stanton wrote on May 31, 2007
Can`t see a compare between Elvis and Starwars. Maybe I am too much of a "one-track-mind", but Elvis is the artist of the century, and what it Starwars? Not the movie of the century, is it?
Devon wrote on June 02, 2007
What ever you like, me its the King!!!!
Steve V wrote on June 02, 2007
It'll be close. The Elvis stamp had a huge amount of media attention, with the young & older Elvis images. I dont see this stamp getting the same coverage. However, the last Star War movie 2 years ago did huge box office, so one never knows. It's still a huge fan base.