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More Details Elvis Is Back

June 01, 2007 | Book
If all goes as planned, the box set "Elvis Is Back" by Elvis Unlimited will be available in three weeks time. The book has more pages than the 112 "Inside" books by our Danish friends. Other items of interest are a COA, a vinyl single with a radio commercial for 'Flaming Star', and a 25 minute DVD, with backstage (silent) footage of Elvis and Bobby Darren, the "GI Hope You Like My New Album" trailer and pictures.
benny scott wrote on June 01, 2007
Great ! Looking forward to it ! But who's Bobby Darren ? Shouldn't it be Bobby Darin ? who hat world-wide hits such as Dream Lover, Beyond the Sea,Clementine, 18 Yellow Roses etc... If so, then it seems to me some people can only spell Elvis' last name right