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King's Food More Than PB And Bananas

May 31, 2007 | Book
The King of Rock n' Roll created music, but thousands of others have created other items in his image. There are Elvis T-shirts, Elvis dolls, Elvis purses, Elvis plates and Elvis tapestries. But for fans who want to eat like the King, there are plenty of Elvis-themed cookbooks out there.

The Tupelo Elvis Presley Fan Club has been hard at work creating its cookbook. The book will feature more than 400 recipes of all types and will also include never-before-seen photos of the King, said club president Barbara Mallory.

On the divider pages, there will be history and fun facts about Elvis' life, she said. The club hopes to have the book ready for this weekend's festival, but if it's not, folks can pre-order the book at the festival. The Tupelo Elvis Presley Fan Club book will sell for $20.