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Janis And Elvis 3 Inch Reissue

June 02, 2007 | Music
The Dutch "Elvis Corner" shop celebrates it's second anniversary on June 9, 2007. Part of the celebration is a 3 inch (8 CM) CD in a jewel case reissue of the "Janis and Elvis" EP, only available June 9th. All customers who buy over 10 Euro receive a free copy.


Elvis Presley I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone
Janis Martin Ooby - Dooby
Elvis Presley Milk Cow Blues Boogie
Janis Martin Let's Elope Baby
Elvis Presley Baby Let's Play House
Janis Martin One More Year To Go
Elvis Presley You're A Heartbreaker
Janis Martin Barefoot Baby 2.12

Bonus Track:
Janis Martin My Boy Elvis
Source:Elvis Corner

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dries wrote on June 02, 2007
It's a shame I can't make it to the shop that day. I will be at work most of the day and after that I won't make it since I will be going to Antwerpen to see the Tcb band with Terry- Mike Jeffry. Man, I'm looking forward to that. I remember the song 'My Boy Elvis', I like that song very much.Janis has a great voice of her own. Will there be another way to order this cd?
David Brys wrote on June 04, 2007
I love those Janis Martin songs on this one. (there the ONLY ones I've ever heard of her :-)) Have the vinyl-EP for quite some time now. Played it a lot and hope to hear them again someday on CD.
Harvey Alexander wrote on June 06, 2007
If you guys like Janis Martin so much then why don't you get her Bear Family CD? It's excellent and has all of her RCA and Palette recordings on it.