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Stolen Collection For Sale

May 25, 2007 | Other
On instruction of the Crown Prosecution Service, the British government is selling a large and extensive collection of Elvis Presley Records and Memorabilia (retail value £597,000) which were sized following a confiscation order. The previous owner, a parking attendee, bought the souvenirs and memorabilia with money taken from the Parking nickel machines. The collection which has 'Something For Everybody's has items of memorabilia starting at few pounds to rare vinyl records from all corners of the world with values of £3,000+. Sales begin on June 10th. Here’s the direct link.
heartbreakhotel wrote on May 29, 2007
hi - has anyone info on the 'stolen collection for sale'. where is it and can we get details i.e. catalogue etc.
heartbreakhotel wrote on May 29, 2007
hi - update re above. have now followed the links correctly and found all the information - thanks elvis new. the catalogue of items listed is awesome.