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Press Release: Elvis Fanclubs Join Forces

May 21, 2007 | Other
The fast growing Elvis fanclub ElvisMatters and the popular English internet fan club ElvisNews.com have decided to join forces in this special Elvis year, 30 years after the untimely death of their idol, Elvis Presley. The by origin Belgian ElvisMatters and the Dutch based ElvisNews.com join efforts in order to serve the fans throughout the world – but especially in Belgium and The Netherlands – even better. Focus of this association is on the promotion of Elvis and his musical heritage, Elvis events in Belgium and the Netherlands, a 24/7 hour news service and the online sales of Elvis items, such as the collector’s label “Follow That Dream”. Regarding this last service, ElvisMatters launches a revamped bilingual webshop by the end of this month.

“Ever since ElvisNews.com started, we tried to closely work together with the Elvis Fan clubs”, says Lex Raaphorst, co-founder of ElvisNews.com. “In several cases, like with the Danish ‘Elvis Unlimited’ fanclub and the oldest fanclub in the world, “The Official Elvis Presley Fanclub of Great Britain”, the joined forces benefited all parties, and proved that Elvis still unites people. We’re happy to announce the new partnership with this young, dynamic fanclub from our own language field, and are eager to promote Elvis even better, and serve colleague Elvis Fans.”

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David Brys wrote on May 22, 2007
I hope someday the two major fanclubs of Belgium can find peace together and do the same: ElvisMatters & United Elvis Presley Society.
Sylvain wrote on May 22, 2007
Your right Turbo. and there are 3 major fanclubs in Belgium you always seem to forget Elvis Memories Belgium but we are still here for 20 years now.
Vital Pluymers wrote on May 23, 2007
Elvis Memories? You must be kidding, right?
Greg Nolan wrote on May 29, 2007
Some consolidation, as in the corporate and labor union world, makes sense, as long as we don't lose that something extra that independent organizations bring to the table. This seems like a good match, so good luck to both entities.