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Elvis Presley Collections Vol.1

May 24, 2007 | Music
On June 19, 2007 Sony / BMG will release a budget CD titled Elvis Presley Collections Vol.1 as part of their '' Collection series ''. As the flyer states it contains 12 of Elvis' most recognizable early hits. The picture shown on the flyer is not the final art cover.

Sony / BMG Canada Special Imports will re-release on June 12, 2007 Elvis' Gold Records Vol.3 and Elvis' Gold Records Vol.4 in their original sequence.
Source:For CD Collectors Only
Mark S. wrote on May 24, 2007
AT LAST!!! I've been waiting for Sony/BMG to release this my entire life!!!
FJE wrote on May 24, 2007
Yeah right! Finally I can add these "never-before-released" songs to my collection! 12 tracks no less!! What's the RRP of this superb collection? 50p?!
Jerome wrote on May 24, 2007
great news, I like the cover... ;-)
Lobisome wrote on May 25, 2007
Ma booooy, ma boooooy
marco31768 wrote on May 26, 2007
Another great junk !
Mystery Rider wrote on May 27, 2007
nice photo of elvis after mama sent him off to war