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No Tickle Me In Australia

May 18, 2007 | Video
Warner Australia confirmed that the movie "Tickle Me" will not be released in Australia (the same goes probably for the UK. Warner will not initially release the box set "Elvis: The Hollywood Collection" in Australia only the titles separately.
Source:Elvis Australia
Ken in Tasmania wrote on May 18, 2007
No Dvd boxset of Elvis -The Hollywood Collection or Tickle Me dvd being released in Australia....I just cannot understand this . Is Elvis's suntan to good for Australian viewers or his eyebrows too thick or for what other reason that 'Tickle me' cannot be purchased in Australia. We need an explanation from Warner Aust....not saying due to copyright or trademark.....I saw this movie in Aust. in the picture theatres in the 60s so what's the problem......
thefunkyangel wrote on May 19, 2007
What the? I've been waiting for this movie for a long time and to hear this, just makes you want to hit someone into next week! I tell you, I am one p!ssed off Queensland Lonnie Beale fan! Warner Australia shame on you!
Ken in Tasmania wrote on May 20, 2007
Well said Funkyangel, there has to be more Aussies and possibly UK fans will miss out on this DVD if we don't let Warner know.......
thefunkyangel wrote on May 20, 2007
Warner Australia, this is my all time favourite Elvis movie! Can you please release it in Australia! I thank you in advance! Cheers!
Elvis Australia wrote on May 22, 2007
Warner tell us that they cannot release Tickle Me due to copy write restrictions. They have no choice in the matter. Re the box set the have to follow the instruction given by the USA.