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Cover Art Elvis - Original

May 19, 2007 | Music
Here is the cover art of the Not Now budget release “Elvis Original” which was due for release May 17, 2007.
Jerome wrote on May 19, 2007
Oh no, Not Now!!!
Jerome wrote on May 19, 2007
you're right draggypants. Everyone's entitled to buy a budget release. Be it a quality release or not. Personally, I'm planning to start my own budget label too. Some cows will never stop giving milk, some cows will never start complaining..
PTCJones wrote on May 19, 2007
They were not always quality compilations though baggypants.
marco31768 wrote on May 19, 2007
Another JUNK!
Jerome wrote on May 20, 2007
'Now you listened to my story, here's the point that I have made'... (nothing)
PTCJones wrote on May 20, 2007
I think baggypants, your pants are too tight! Maybe you should let out a notch in your belt because I think it's hurting your capacity for reasoned argument and respect for people's opinions. So what subject did you become so clever that you can establish that I'm not too bright? Not English I think judging by the misspelling. Perhaps the Internet is new to you and you do not understand the concept of a forum. Perhaps also, some people may make the argument that with so many releases flooding the market, it may harm potential sales with confusing, lacklustre compilations lasting twenty minutes from obscure labels in dodgy quality. Back in the 70's, Elvis' music was still riding high and RCA could get away with albums like "Having Fun On Stage" or "Elvis Sings Hits From His Movies" to fill in whilst trying to get Elvis to make more studio material. Today however, the market is totally different or perhaps you live in a time warp. Other performers, such as Rick Nelson, Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash to name but a few, do not have their music treated with such disdain so why expect it from our man?
Steve V wrote on May 21, 2007
Bottomline here is these releases do some harm. I agree with PJones that if a person buys these sub-standard releases, then when a real good legit BMG compliation comes along, will pass it up because 'I already have most of these songs'. No doubt these type of CDs hurt the sales of the 'real' ones.
PTCJones wrote on May 21, 2007
I have no need or desire to learn Dutch, Mr. Baggypants.