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New EPE Shop

May 09, 2007 | Other
EPE switched from eFashion to another company to run the Shop Elvis site. There'll be a formal announcement later after everything is fully in place. The new site is already on-line.
Source:EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises

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mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 10, 2007
And i wonder if these people will have any better policy shipping items,after being told 2 times in a roll my items would ship with protection and it not happening,i finnaly gave up on them and there pathetic excuse for service,i was even told that bubble wrap was in short supply, yes thats right short supply,i mean thats understandable since all they do is ship items,i have mentioned this before but thought id remind people of how some people choose to run there business,i didnt even mention the rude people they had working there, before they had given great service and no excuses, i just hate excuses!
JerryNodak wrote on May 10, 2007
One way to find out if service has improved, mature e fan is by ordering something. Do that and then report back to us.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 10, 2007
You think im going to order again just to see if its improved? no thanks, i ordered something a month ago and its the worst experiance ive ever had with a on line shop,i spend way too much for return postage and original postage that i never got back,look around on other message boards,you will see the same complaints,the people runing efashions were a joke,maybe someone else should order and let me know if these guys have bubblewrap! lol
JerryNodak wrote on May 10, 2007
I've seen the complaints. Funny, I never had a problem with eFashions. Nothing broken or mutilated or whatever. Would order on a Wednesday and recieve my order the following Monday. I'll continue with the new company until such time as I have a reason not to. One thing for sure, I'll never order again from anyone whose method of payment is Paypal. I had nothing but PROBLEMS.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 10, 2007
Nothing funny about it at all,all i know is they threw my order in a box with nothing to protect it,sure i got my order in 2 days but what does that matter if the items are damaged.maybe your part of the elvis insiders club!
JerryNodak wrote on May 11, 2007
No. 'fraid not. No insiders club membership for me. Maybe they kept a list of chronic complainers and just loved to tick them off.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 11, 2007
Comments like that,are one part of Elvis fans ill never understand,ok you had no problems,so someone who does must have asked for it right? im guessing anyone would complain if they ordered something and it came severaly damaged,so how anyone could have this kind of atttidue towards other is really a shame,i didnt just order 1 item and have a problem, were talking like 6 orders in a roll,,were talking haveing all my order come to me damaged,paying shipping i dont get back then having to return it and pay that cost also,im sure that would upset you,but your right who cares,(which is really what your saying)i got mine ,everything is fine, so who cares about anyone else,after speaking with customers servce and being told yes well ship your order securely and it not happpening, then talking to customer service again(same person) and asking same request and it not happening,not to mention the fact that ive never seen a online shop ship items in such sloppy way,now would you or anyone else be upset with that,its not only damaged products its wasting good money for no reason,all because no care is taken with the order,and this crap about you must be on there dont like list or whatever crap that is spewd,as if i am the problem,then again maybe i am, maybe i should go there and pack the freakin items for them,there have been many complaints,but alot of people dont say anything because they will get branded complainers,well thats fine, im also a seller and i actually care about how the items i ship arrive to my buyers, this place has offered me and other fans the worst service EVER,to bad it took that long to figure that out! i will speak no further on this subject.anyone who has has the same problem with this umm company,let me know through pm!
Bill E. Burk wrote on May 12, 2007
On the other hand, you have us at ELVIS WORLD who have shipped over 60,000 books since 1985 and only had one lost (Postal Service fault, not ours) ... and one SO slightly damaged we were able to sell it at full price once we replaced it with the original owner. We TRY !!!
ellentcb wrote on May 13, 2007
I hope the new shipper is better! My order was tossed willy nilly into a box, and of course the $6.00 mug broke. I had to pay $5 postage to send it back to get a new one. They were horrible! I even called to see if I could send a photo, but, no, I had to send back a broken mug. Good riddance.
Mofoca22 wrote on May 15, 2007
i wish they make the follow that dream releases cheaper theres 3 cd's i want to buy and i cant cut the total is $103 and thsta without shipping its a joke :( and why is a single cd more than $30 anyways when other cds in a store the most they cost these days is $15
Rob Nelson wrote on May 18, 2007
Hello folks, my comments for what it is worth. My experiences over the years with ordering Elvis items: brilliant to say the least. For example, when I lived in the U.K. I received my CDs in the post from Mr. Slaughter's group before my cheque cleared the bank. I have always paid online with PayPal and never received a complaint from any of my buyers. Amazon is another excellent vendor in my books. Let's hope the Elvis online shop turnover proves to be a the right move. One would think vendors take care with every order - after all, word does travel fast. Thanks for reading my comments. Good luck and best wishes to all.